Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in a glance

as i welcome every new year, it think it's best to look back and reflect on the year that was. here are the highlights of 2007:

  • my family spent the new year in baguio. it is one of those holidays that i shall forever remember.
  • bought a house in Bulacan
  • march
  • bottomless margaritas @ TGI Friday's
  • my sister and i got back together after months of falling out
  • april
  • my personal life took a major blow
  • dear friend samantha got married in boracay
  • two of my closest friends lost their loved ones
  • may
  • beach! beach! beach!
  • voted hoolah hot momma at the company outing
  • june
  • found out the ex had a new baby
  • consecutive weekends in Tagaytay first with chinabank friends then with my family to celebrate father's day
  • less than a month upon diagnosis, cousin kuya pochie passed away due to liver cancer
  • july
  • had a minor episode on being single and got all weepy about it
  • august
  • got promoted
  • september
  • watched cinderella
  • sucky turnover month
  • pau's car came
  • october
  • had a minor disagreement with a friend from work
  • dear friend pam got her visa
  • much to my utter surprise, my sister told me she was getting married and being the overprotective sister that i am, i was of course apprehensive
  • november
  • met my sister's bf, marlon who turned out to be a fine man and my family approved.
  • Sabangan Beach with chinabank friends...last out of town trip before pam leaves for the US.
  • the itch that couldn't be scratched struck again. fuck it!
  • had one of them pre-birthday episodes
  • the Manila Peninsula Mutiny
  • december
  • wasn't too excited when i turned 32
  • pau got married
  • missy the newest bitch in the house made a debut
  • mama lily (papa's sister) passed away at the age of 86
  • on christmas eve, pau told us she's pregnant and everybody was ecstatic! i remember my dad did one of his silly dances and i got teary hehe.
  • finally found the perfect template for this blog.
  • here's to better things to come in 2008

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