Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cyma after dark

april and i usually have margarita nights on wednesdays. a fave hangout is Cena in Greenbelt 2 where margarita is reallllyyy cheap and the ambiance ain't that bad.

last week, however, we decided to try something new. since my friend wanted to check out Cyma, a relatively new Greek resto/bar, also in Greenbelt 2, we ditched Cena for the week.

i have dined there once before and, being a Greek food lover myself, i loved their menu. their best-seller, pastisado(osso buco) - beef shank stew served over pasta is to die for.

another favorite, and i must say, crowd pleaser is Saganaki or flaming cheese served Opa! style. cheese freaks like moi will want more than one order of this deeee-lish appetizer!

while dining at Cyma is an entirely delightful experience, wait til the sun sets and the party music starts.

Cyma after dark is one helluva place for cocktail hours. the second floor was turned into a bar where people can chill and be with friends. the interior is simple and cozy. equipped with top of the line sound system and the DJ plays fab fab music.

add to that, an AWESOME and i mean really AWESOME and impressive cocktail menu. with over a hundred choices from shooters to beers to wine to vodka and tequila. name it, and i'm pretty sure they got it.

it may be a bit pricey compared to Cena or Masa's but it's W-O-R-T-H it!

personal faves are bikini (vodka, white rhum milk, sugar & lemon juice) and blue sex (midori, blue curacao, tequila & triple sec)

Cyma sure can make one scream Opa! and i can't wait to go back and try 98 other cocktail drinks on the list!

is it Friday yet?

10 Things

  1. my stylist is MIA once again so i can't get a decent haircut.
  2. i'm a certified DVD freak! i'm on the second season of The L Word and i have to say, i'm surprised i like the series. i love shane but i adore alice' character more. hmn...does that make me a lesbian??? hahahha my friends are so gonna freak out!
  3. NO i'm not a lesbian.
  4. i can't wait for season 4 of grey's anatomy
  5. i'm back in the gym. thanks to april, i'm on my second week. woohoo!!!
  6. april and i have a new fave cocktail place - Cyma in Greenbelt 2 (i'll make a separate entry just for this later)
  7. i got to use my dream cam in one of our tagaytay trips. no, i have yet to buy one but my dear friend dennis let me use his.
  8. i'm still waiting for my promotion as my boss talked to me about it last week
  9. i'm sorta kinda slightly scared of it. what if i can't do the job? what if i don't get it???
  10. it's 1 am and i'm still at work.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

father's day weekend

i feel like i have so much to say but i can't seem to find the perfect words to do so. i need the perfect words as this weekend was that, PERFECT.

spent it with my whole family on a road trip to lian, batangas to attend to my cousin's funeral. i know, it's ironic that one of the happiest weekends of my life is the same weekend that my cousin was laid to rest.

as they say, it's the journey, not the destination that matters. and in this case, the journey was simply awesome.

it was the first time in a long time that my family got to spend an entire weekend away from the hustle of the metro. and while the drive took almost 4 hours, we all didn't mind.

we talked, we ate, had coffee @ starbucks, we laughed and reminisced. we had fun.

it was like those weekends when my dad would drive from laguna where we used to live, to go visit my lola in bulacan. i felt like a kid when my parents were the most awesome people in the world and both my siblings felt the same.

on the way back, we stopped by Leslie's to have a late lunch and the view was breathtaking. it just stopped raining and the sky was the perfect backdrop. we took pictures of course but i know we all felt that no camera can capture how happy we all are.

it's been almost 24 hours and i still have a hangover. and alcohol has nothing to do with it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

gotta love the weekend

all work and no play makes sushi a dull fish! and boy, that ain't pretty :D

it's a good thing i get to spend the weekend with dear old friends out in the quiet and peaceful, foggy hills of Tagaytay.

time to bring out the booze! woohooo!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


it's half past 5 in the morning and i'm STILL at work!

my eyes are bloodshot. my fingers are nearly numb.

thanks to some idiot who can't seem to know how to make a simple SQL script!

blast from the past

i got an email saying that jon has a new baby.

NO, i didn't go around asking stuff about him.
NO, i don't care what goes on with his life.

YES, i know i'm not fooling anyone with that last statement.

i DO care.

memories long forgotten came flashin back.
all the pain, all the drama which i tried to erase suddenly resurfaced.

i DO care.

NOT the i still love him kinda care. not even the i wish he's miserable kind.

i just know i still DO.

and until i stop doin that, i know i'm in deep shit!

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