Saturday, April 26, 2008

it's official. i hate brooke white!

yes, i do. which is sad because i used to like her. you know, back when she just sang and sounded good instead of capitalizing on her on-the-verge-of-tears drama. which, apparently, works since people still voted for her.

watching her the past couple of weeks had been excruciating. i mean, come on! if she were on audition and she forgot her lyrics, the judges would've called her off right away. you'd think that after her restart on Every Breath You Take she'd learn. but no! she had to do it. again.

never mind that Andrew Lloyd Weber was in the audience. never mind the orchestra. she made a booboo and wanted another take. it's a friggin live show for crying out loud not a dress rehearsal!

she should've gone home this week instead. i'm no fan of Syesha and Carly but they're performances were better by a mile.

not good. seriously.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

all i can say is wow

from the moment i saw this, i knew i had to share it as it was simply amazing.

watch how Simon Cowell's jaw literally dropped as 13-yr old Andrew Johnston auditioned for Season 2 of Britain's Got Talent.

PS. you might wanna have a tissue nearby before watching

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

what on earth?!

...was a cat doing in the middle of skyway, prancing in between zooming cars this morning????

...was Brooke White thinking when she said sorry and wanted to do over her song????

i hope the cat made it out without needing to borrow 1 out of it's 9 lives. as for Brooke, she and her crybaby ass needs to go. 9 lives and all. She's beginning to annoy me the way Melinda Doolitle did last season.

Enough already. please. pretty please.

Monday, April 21, 2008

mush overload

the last few weeks, my entries have had, if not evolved around, love and all the mush that goes with it.

from childhood idiocy and puppy loves, to feel good movies, to heart puzzles and shit, which, by the way, prolly caused the recurring dream, the posts have all but been outside the normal flow of my so called life.

it. has. got. to. stop!

i am too old for this crap. seriously. i should be thinking about more productive stuff like the coming Earth Day for instance, and how to help in issues like global warming or how the price of rice has gotten so high we might end up eating corn in the future instead of going nuts about a stupid dream over a stupid silly guy. seriously.

Friday, April 18, 2008

a wish my heart made?

dreams, what are they really?

Disney's Cinderella defined a dream as a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. some say that they are mere manifestations of the subconsious mind, a product of a long term memory. a friend of mine said that they come about when you think of a person too much or when another person thinks too much about you. now that's more like it.

whichever it is, i hope to find out soon as i'm goin' bananas over this recurring dream i've been having for the past couple of days. did i wish for that in the same way Cinderella wished for her prince charming? or am i pining over someone so bad he appeared in my dreams?

at the back of my head, there's this tiny voice that's telling me not to make anything of it. it's just a dream for crying out loud. it's just a friggin dream. but if it's just that, why am i goin nuts??? i need my fairy godmother now. please!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

of hearts and puzzles

"The heart is like a puzzle. Someone’s supposed to mess it up first so someone else could fix it again"

i got that line from Chico Garcia's blog and i couldn't help but repost it. i mean, who in the world can NOT relate to that? at some point in our lives, in the course of our quest for that one perfect fit, i'm sure we all have had our share of messes. some, even more than others.

while it's true that there are those lucky enough to have their hearts fixed after only one trial, there are those (and i believe the number is greater) who, despite how many attempts at it, end up even more messed up than before, oftentimes leading to a puzzle piece or two missing.

some would be happy to complete just a portion and ignore the missing piece. what's one piece anyway right? still, there are those who really try in the hopes that one day, the puzzle and all the pieces that go with it, will be complete. the quest will then be over and a new journey will commence.

i have had more than my share of messes. in fact, i think i've already lost a couple of pieces. i do believe, however, that someday, my own puzzle will be complete. in my heart i will eventually find that one last last piece. who knows, someone might find it and place it in it's rightful place. for now, i will continue to put them together, one puzzle piece at a time.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

August Rush

August Rush on IMDb
August Rush

"An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound"

A story about a gifted child who used music in his search for his birth parents.

You will be taken to an extraordinary journey where music transcends words. Where faith comes over and beyond what one can possibly imagine. A fairy tale drama that is not for the cynics and unimaginative.

The music was brilliant. The fusion of classic and rock was simply awesome.

August Rush stars Freddie Highmore (August Rush), Kerri Russell (Lyla Novacek), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Louis Connelly), Terrence Howard (Richard Jeffries) & Robin Williams (Wizard)

Watch with an open heart and prepare to get chills.

Here are a couple of songs from the movie:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Avenue Q's Final Run

Atlantis Productions since i failed to watch Avenue Q last year, i made sure i got my tickets as soon as i learned about their final run in Manila this June. yey!

for those who have yet to watch the show, you better start buying as tickets, like last year, are selling like crazy.

for discounted ticket sales, you may get in touch with Rache Diaz for the June 13 (Friday) and June 14 (Saturday) shows. details on this link.

Monday, April 07, 2008

no Hairspray audition for me and other updates

my throat still hurts and i have a really bad cold so there simply is no way i can go for that audition tomorrow. that, plus the fact that i'm still a big pussy. hehehe! so much for mustering 'nuff courage huh?!


uncle C is back in Texas and i'm not sure when he's coming back. boohoo! would've wanted to spend more time with him though. he did say he'll be back next year. oh, might i add that i'm like glued to my computer waiting for him to go online since he left Saturday morning? crazy! i know! i can just imagine my good friend who's now in Africa rolling his eyes and still questioning my taste in men! hahahha!


this has been the longest weekend of my life. the ridiculous summer heat left me with no choice but to stay in and just do nothing. that being said, i'm ever so happy to get back to work tomorrow.


have a great week everyone!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

night out with my childhood McDreamy

so i take my word back. life is fair after all.

puffy eyes, runny nose, sore throat and the biggest zit in the world did not in any way dampen my night with uncle C and the boys last night.

i had a blast. why wouldn't i? i had a night out with my childhood McDreamy!

me: so, how come you're not married
uncle C: coz you're here
me: seriously, how come?
uncle C: haven't found the right one yet
me: but you have a girlfriend
uncle C: and?
me: ok, so are you happy?
uncle C: didn't say i was
me: so what's the point?
uncle C: it's convenient
me: you'd choose convenience over happiness? that's bullshit!
uncle C: for now, yeah
me: can i not call you uncle C anymore?
uncle C: you can call me anything you want
me: ok, so since you're not happy with your gf and you're still together, imma call you stupid.
uncle C: come on, just dance with me

Friday, April 04, 2008

oh no!

of all the days to wake up with really really puffy eyes.

of all the days to have runny nose.

of all the days to have the worst case of sore throat.

of all the days to have the biggest zit in the world.

of all the days. of all the friggin days.

why today when i will be going out with my childhood McDreamy for the first and probably the only time?

life just isn't fair sometimes. crap!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

blondes have more fun

air dry air dryblow dry blow dry

or so they say.

i sure hope so because i have gone blonde. well, not blonde blonde but dark ash blonde with light ash blonde highlights.

i. love. it.

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