Friday, July 31, 2009

off to Singapore for some RnR

my 3 wks here in Jakarta is up. can't say i won't miss it. not saying i want to stay. suffice to say that it's been a pleasure being here. sans the bombing incidents and the uber crazy motorists that is.

the project we implemented was a success. there were a few kinks along the way as expected but it all ended pretty well.

tomorrow, i'm off for a few days of RnR in Singapore. time to party and have me some Singapore sling baby!

Friday, July 17, 2009

on hotel arrest

due to the bombings here in Jakarta this morning, we were asked to leave the office early. that being said, we were advised to stay in for the rest of the weekend.

the blasts happened far from where we're staying and we weren't even aware until friends and family started asking if we were ok. a quick google search confirmed everything.

naturally, i got a bit scared. who wouldn't? right?

so we are putting ourselves on hotel arrest. until everything normalizes that is.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

homesick much?

so i'm back in Jakarta. the trip was uneventful. or was it? not sure since i had wine. lots of it so i slept thru most of the trip.

i'm staying in the same hotel. the only difference is that now, i'm on the preferred guests floor. naks!

one thing i noticed though, whenever i go abroad either on business or otherwise, it's always the first night that gets to me the most. no matter how fab my room is, i always get a bit homesicky on the first night.

i know i should have gotten used to it by now but i haven't. as they say, the first time is almost always the toughest time. i'm sure tomorrow imma be normal.

1 day. 20 days to go.

if and when i need a good pick me upper

all i do is look at this uber adorable baby boy.

he turned one last week and now can call me na-nang(ninang). he is able to walk a few steps by himself and has learned how to mimic the sound of his lolo's snore among other things.

life simply is more fun since he was born and for times when i feel the need for a smile, all i do is look at him and all worries are thrown out the window in a snap.

Monday, July 13, 2009

off to Jakarta. again.

not excited. not the least bit.
i'm not ready for another nasi goreng frenzy. nor am i ready to leave my nephew who is now uber kulit. i will miss the Harry Potter screening in Manila. not to mention my mom's bday on the 20th.
plus, that thing that didn't happen still gets to me. i know, i know. my time will come. still, i'm not happy.
the only upside is that i get to visit friends and relatives in Singapore on my way back.
so there. i'll be packing my bags again and leaving on a jetplane.

Friday, July 10, 2009

can't have everything

i was expecting something to happen at work. it didn't. now i'm a bit disheartened. can't help it. i worked hard. i know i did.

at the end of the day however, it wasn't enough.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

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