Saturday, June 10, 2006

rendezvous (part 1)

it was a gloomy afternoon but the damp weather didn't dampen my spirits.i was, after all, about to see an old old friend.

well, he wasn't just a friend to be honest. i guess i've always thought of him as the one that got know? my biggest what if. that afternoon though, i felt that things were about to change and i couldn't wait.

i was humming a tune while i donned my prettiest dress and my fave flipflops. a check on my watch told me a few minutes to go and he'll be here. beep beep went the sound of his car.

my heart skipped a beat. it was time.

last night when he told me he was going to see me, he didn't really say what it was about. he just said that he's been meaning to talk to me about something really important and he was sorry it took him a while to finally do.

sheesh talk about a cliffhanger huh? nonetheless, no one could wipe the smile on my face since.

beep beep off came the sound of his car again.

a quick look in the mirror and then i was out.

as i entered his car, i couldn't help but notice that he hasn't changed after all these years. he still has that same grin. the same look. only just a tad bit older.

"hi gem", he said as he leaned to give me a peck on the cheeks.
"hi yourself! whatever happened to you?i was beginning to think you've ran off to timbuktu or something!"
"i've been busy," he said.

"so, where are you taking me anyway?" i asked as we drove away.
"you'll see" and then he smiled.

after a couple of hours we arrived at this beautiful beach house.

i couldn't help but gasp.
it was almost sunset and the tides are low.
the view was breathtaking.

we walked on the shore and started to talk just like the old times. family, work, friends, us....the promise of getting married when we both reach a certain age and neither is committed. it was as if we were never apart.

there is just something about him that makes me feel a certain way when i'm with him.

he gets me...he knows me...and i've never had that with anyone else...

"so tell me, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?" i asked as we headed towards the beach house.

he didn't answer. instead, he held my hand.

~~~~~ to be concluded ~~~~~

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