Friday, May 30, 2008

funny fab friday

Warning: This post mentions the word fab, for lack of any other suitable word, in several sentences

lunchtime fabness:

yel: would you like to pose wearing a two-piece for an ad?

me: is that a trick question????

yel: seryoso!

yes, dearies, my sweet cousin wasn't kdding when he sent me that message. the modelling agency he's currently working for is lookin for someone with fab flabs like mine for a print ad.

their agency is right next to my building so my cousin asked to see me for a round of smokes downstairs. the agents were there, took one look at me and asked me to go on a go-see come Monday.

me, on a go-see. wearing a tank top. striking a pose. for 150,000 pesos.

the thought gave me chills. not the good kind of chills believe me. the kind that makes my stomach turn and i only have two days to think about it.

night out with the ladies

finally watched Sex and the City. it was FABULOUS!

from the cast, to the clothes, to the shoes, bags and a whole lot of funny bits in between, i say, it was the best chick flick i've seen EVER! i may not have agreed with Carrie's decision to marry Big in the end but still, i loved every minute of the film. it was predictable, yes. but who cares? the ladies are simply fab.

more than a love story, it was, as it has always been, a story of friendship tried and tested through a series of failed and happy relationships and the fabulous wardrobe that goes with it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

trip to the beach, typhoon notwithstanding

this year's company outing held last May 16 proved to be a weekend of ironies.

for starters, summer wasn't supposed to end til May but no, rainy season had to start way too early this year. now, a little rain won't hurt right? except that, it did not only rain, but Cosme, with his monstrous winds had to be with us the entire time.

Subic SentryCoconut Trees swaying to the beat of the Cosme tune

yes, sweeties, we were wearing jackets when we were supposed to be in sunglasses and bathing suits! a night of getting wasted around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows was replaced by a night of tongits inside the hotel room, getting wasted, having a blast nonetheless.

to make our stay even more interesting, the whole of Zambales had a blackout most of Saturday afternoon and White Rock didn't have enough generators to power our side of the hotel.

Sunday morning, the sun came out a bit and we all but run and change, not to swim, but to take photos! the beach wasn't clear because of the typhoon anyway. while the rest opted to jetski and swim, us ladies just lazed around and took pictures. and then it rained. again.

the morning afterpaparazzi favesbest shot ever

it was a little past 12 when we left the resort and to add to the list of ironies, the sun was up and the sky was blue. nice!

White Rock facadeyup, the sun was up as we left the resort

it is true when they said, it isn't the place or the things that you do that matter but the people you spend your time with. amidst the strong gusts of winds, the pouring rain, the frequent brownouts and the not-so-nice resort service, we all had a blast. after all, what could've gone wrong with a weekend spent with people who love to work hard and love to play even harder?

ps.White Rock Beach Resort's service sucks! but that's an entirely different blog entry.

Friday, May 23, 2008

a reason to smile

something's brewing for me at work. my boss talked to me last night about a possible somethin somethin and all i remember was yelping "of course! that's not even a question!"

there is no definite plan yet but the mere thought that i'm being considered is enough reason for me to utter a silent thank you.

could it be that my work-whoring days are finally paying off? ooohhh i sooo hope so! pray for me, will you?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol 7 : David Cook Wins!

time to bring out the bubbly as my boo David Cook is the new American Idol. Hurray! Hurray!

Archuleta may have done better during performance night but the 12 million difference in votes proved otherwise. Albeit the not so good original songs, the cookies won over the angels and i couldn't be happier.

it wasn't a surprise though as iTunes, online polls and radio air plays show that Cook does have what it takes. watching and hearing him on stage is a treat each time, leaving you wanting for more. he will definitely make it big.

as his final song aptly says, indeed, he's more than a name or face in the crowd.

Season 7 has come to an end. a new idol has been proclaimed. the curtains have come down and the stage is at rest. a new season will soon begin and i can't wait.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

of peaks and plateaus

the reason why i haven't been blogging is because there is nothing really worth blogging about. really.

sad, but true. my life's been pretty boring the past couple of weeks hence the lack of update in this site. pitiful, i know!

could it be that i have already peaked and plateaued? it's a scary thought but what if it's true? what if, at the age of 32, there is nothing more in life for me.

sans the wonderful job, fabulous friends and loving family, with the occassional boy-on-the-side, are those "IT" for me? seriously. that's a horrible horrible thought! one which i expect to shake off immediately!

shake shake shake!

what about you? have you had thoughts like these? i mean, not that i'm getting depressed by it or anything. but it does make sense at some point and it does make you think about how your life is and what will you make of it in the years to come.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

happy thursday

things that made my day :

  • it's Labor Day which meant i stayed in bed til noon
  • Brooke White finally left AI, with, as expected, a whole lot of drama! still, i'm glad. yey!
  • spent the afternoon with my college bestfriend and as always, i had a blast
  • TGI Friday's Ultimate Margarita
  • found a fab pair of shoes to go with my dress on saturday. woot! woot!
  • now, if it ain't a workday tomorrow, it would've been perfect. too much to ask, i know hehe!

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