Friday, May 30, 2008

funny fab friday

Warning: This post mentions the word fab, for lack of any other suitable word, in several sentences

lunchtime fabness:

yel: would you like to pose wearing a two-piece for an ad?

me: is that a trick question????

yel: seryoso!

yes, dearies, my sweet cousin wasn't kdding when he sent me that message. the modelling agency he's currently working for is lookin for someone with fab flabs like mine for a print ad.

their agency is right next to my building so my cousin asked to see me for a round of smokes downstairs. the agents were there, took one look at me and asked me to go on a go-see come Monday.

me, on a go-see. wearing a tank top. striking a pose. for 150,000 pesos.

the thought gave me chills. not the good kind of chills believe me. the kind that makes my stomach turn and i only have two days to think about it.

night out with the ladies

finally watched Sex and the City. it was FABULOUS!

from the cast, to the clothes, to the shoes, bags and a whole lot of funny bits in between, i say, it was the best chick flick i've seen EVER! i may not have agreed with Carrie's decision to marry Big in the end but still, i loved every minute of the film. it was predictable, yes. but who cares? the ladies are simply fab.

more than a love story, it was, as it has always been, a story of friendship tried and tested through a series of failed and happy relationships and the fabulous wardrobe that goes with it.

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