Saturday, January 05, 2008

my peter pan

his name is dane and we've known each other since highschool.

we lost touch for a while but in late 2006, he resurfaced. he introduced me to poker and we started spending more time together.

he didn't change one bit. same humor, same outlook in life, same tricks with women. only difference was, he tried to use the tricks on me. even going to the extent of driving for my family and spending new year's with us in baguio last year.

several times he asked me why i didn't wanna be with him. my answer was simple. he needs to grow up. to which he would always answer with a smile and a shrug on his shoulder. for months that's what he did but my stand never changed. and when he didn't stop, i ignored him completely.

last night however, i faced him once again. his sister got married and she invited me. i was apprehensive at first. i mean, i did ignore all his calls for a year. what was i supposed to say? "hi! sorry for ignoring you. nice to see you again?"

so i went. and there he was, clad in a traditional Barong Tagalog and sporting a longer hair. i had to blink twice just to make sure it was him. he is cute. i knew he was cute then but it never occured to me that he was that cute. ok fine, he was hot last night. maybe it was the barong. yes, it had to be the barong.

the dane i knew didn't make me gasp for air when he's near. last night, i gasped more than once. crap! why the sudden attraction? why now?

i tried to avoid him at the reception but he would always find me and when it was time to say goodbye, he softly whispered "you look good. i miss you" as he held me for a dance.

damn it! why do i feel like this now? why when his girlfriend was watching from across the room? crap!!


Anonymous said...

ate, habang binabasa ko ito, i can't help but smile...we don't know what will happen but here's hoping the best...

sushi said...

hahaha! anovah! eh may gf nga haller!

Anonymous said...

the gf can always vanish...not that i'm hoping that she will, noh...hehehe, bias ba?

anyway, if fate allows and destines it to be, the two of you might just end up together. and who knows, he might just be the one that you might spend your happily ever after with... oh, fate, be kind, would you please???

sushi said...

hahaha! now we're talking about fate and destiny?

like i said, it could just be the barong!

chiqui said...

there is still hope for this one... or was it too late na ba? did he married the gf? hope not... hihihi... cheers!

gemgem said...

hehe...he's married na..pero not the gf he had back then...

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