Friday, August 31, 2007

under the weather

i've had colds the last couple of days and at the rate i'm goin', i may very well be in the verge of having a flu.

my nose and throat are still sore from constant sneezing (yes, even the softest kleenex can irritate huhuhuu) and my whole body feels as if i just had an entire day of workout.

that being said, you'd think i'd stay in and be done for the night. but no! i'm off to meet up with april for a weekend of cocktails and dvds at her pad.

it's the end of the week. it's the end of the month.
more importantly, i just got my paycheck.

so, before i start hearing christmas carols (i don't like 'em), runny nose and all, i'm headed out to have a fun time. all the while keepin my fingers crossed that all the alcohol would kill whatever virus i have.

happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Josh Groban tickets

so i called Ticketworld today (for the nth time) and much to my dismay, tickets are still not on sale.

bad news is that only 3,000 tickets will be sold. more bad news, it's gonna be the only show in Asia. and the worst news is, ticket prices are ridiculously high!

so now i'm thinkin, do i love him enough to spend 10K for 1 friggin show????

argh! if only money grew on trees!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

career move

finally, the much awaited promotion was made official today.

woohoo! from this day on, i WILL NOT have to deal with my boss anymore!

cheers! cheers! i'm free!

Monday, August 20, 2007

3-day bum

today marks the first movable holiday mandated by Republic Act No. 9492.

while most people opted to go out of town or be somewhere else, for me, it meant catching up on sleep and just basically a chance to bum around.

dressed in my jammies and armed with a remote, a laptop, several DVDs and a good book, that is just what i did. and boy did i have a blast. well at least on the first 2 days.

now on my last day, anxiety is slowly creeping up on me. i suddenly realized i haven't been out of the house in 3 days! it's not that i don't mind being home, i mean, i love spending time with my parents. but i have to admit, i'm not built to just stay home and lay like brocolli.

being a weekend couch potato (minus the lazy boy and the chips), while fun to do once in a while, isn't something i'd wanna do often.

one good thing that came out of this though, i can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

josh groban live in manila

i first saw josh in an episode of Ally McBeal and i've loved him eversince.

his voice is simply magical that everytime i hear or watch him sing i always end up with goosebumps.

to say i'm such a HUGE fan is an understatement. baduy and cheesy na, i don't care. i love him.

and you bet your asses imma watch that concert come october 18 at the PICC.



called Ticketworld today and much to my dismay, tickets aren't on sale yet. grrrr!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the fuzz over a piece of doughnut

Krispy Kreme is finally in manila and people are lining up!

the branch at bonifacio heights was no different as we waited for our turn last night. kinda like how it was when Go Nuts Donuts came into town. i remember people going all the way to The Fort and waiting in line just to have a piece. even limiting sales to 1 box per person. these days however, sales aren't as high.

and as i bit into my fave melt-in-your-mouth original glazed, i thought, after all the fuss and ooohhss and aahhhs have died down, is it goin to be like the others? something that's so popular until a new one comes along?

imma just have to wait and see. for now, i'm just glad to have a new place where i can get my sugar fix.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

small price to pay

tropical storm Chedeng hits Metro Manila

waist deep. that's how much water got inside our basement kitchen.

knee deep. that's how much water was on the streets on my way to work.

mile long. that's how terrible the traffic was on the road.

small inconveniences if they meant a few centimeters of water level increase in our major water reservoirs (Angat, Ipo and La Mesa dams).

our kitchen is a mess.
i was late for work.
my shoes are wet.

still, i have no right to complain.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

on hobbies and passion

i've always loved talking to ayi. he makes sense. he doesn't judge. he listens. he does not give unsolicited advice. for years, he has been the designated dalai lama of the group. we go to him if we want to make sense out of anything. and the best part is, we listen.

this weekend however, it was my turn to listen. while pam, jacky, dennis and the rest of the new diving friends went to explore the open sea of anilao, ayi and i opted to just stay in the resort, a book each in hand - his, Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho, mine, Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Ties the Knot.

a good hour or so and a few pages later, he sat down and said "i feel sad as i still don't know what my passion is". this not a new topic for us as we had the exact same conversation 3 years ago. only then, his question was "do you think i'm passionate?" of course, that time, i knew where he was coming from. he and april were still together and anyone who knows april would agree that she epitomizes what passion is about.

now, three years later, he is in that place again. only this time, his reasons aren't the same. he wants something that can make a difference and not just a hobby to while away the time.

a hobby is one that you do for yourself. passion is when you use that hobby as a tool to help or make others aware and in doing so, gives you a certain satisfaction that no amount of money can buy. it is when you take that extra step in the hope that at least one person is touched.

it is when scuba divers go out and clean the reefs; when bikers ride for cancer patients; when fashionistas and models walk the ramp to raise funds for AIDS; when teachers see the first sentence a student writes; when writers influence the way their readers think or take them places they've never been to; when musicians sing their heart out to feed the hungry; when actors and film makers bring tears and laughter which, for a brief moment, make the audience forget about the everyday drama of their lives.

when hobbies affect and inspire not just you, it becomes passion.

towards the end of the conversation, we both agreed that while for some, passion comes oh so naturally, it may not be the same for the rest. it doesn't come with a deadline like reports and budget proposals. nor does it come with a blueprint or manuals on how to's.

it happens when one is ready and while still in pursuit of it, there is no need to beat yourself up.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

if marriages are made in heaven

"Papa Jesus, pa-expedite naman po yung sa kanya" (arms pointing at me)

i almost fell off 5 flights of stairs laughing as soon as mye blurted those words.

but then, come to think of it, if marriages are indeed made in heaven, what's taking so long for mine to be made? are there still papers needed to be signed? release clearances to be accomplished? heck, did i even place an order or fill out a form?

not that i'm in any hurry or anything. it's just nice to know that somethin's brewing for me. and when it's finally complete, i'd have the perfect fit.

still, it won't hurt to say, "Papa Jesus, pa-expedite naman po yung sa akin".

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