Wednesday, August 01, 2007

if marriages are made in heaven

"Papa Jesus, pa-expedite naman po yung sa kanya" (arms pointing at me)

i almost fell off 5 flights of stairs laughing as soon as mye blurted those words.

but then, come to think of it, if marriages are indeed made in heaven, what's taking so long for mine to be made? are there still papers needed to be signed? release clearances to be accomplished? heck, did i even place an order or fill out a form?

not that i'm in any hurry or anything. it's just nice to know that somethin's brewing for me. and when it's finally complete, i'd have the perfect fit.

still, it won't hurt to say, "Papa Jesus, pa-expedite naman po yung sa akin".


Jovan said...

This is such a cliche so I'm sure you've heard it. Nonetheless let me say it - everything will happen in time. Huwag mong madaliin. Tingnan mo si Mike O - may whirlpool romance. You'll have yours din. Sometime. Somewhere. Someday.

O ha! Hehehehehe!

sushi said...

hahaha! at talagang si mike o ang gawin natin example! you should've seen how his face lights up when megan is around.
and yes, i know somewhere, someday, someone is brewin for me ;)

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