Wednesday, December 31, 2008

cheers for the new year

2008 is nearly over, a new one is about to begin. for some, the new year is a chance to forget and move on. for others, this brings a chance for a new life, a better life.

a new year is like a clean sheet, a new slate, a blank page where we can draw and paint and write to our hearts content.

so, as 2009 starts, let us all bring out our pencils and brushes and chisels and let us all carve and write and paint a better year.

cheers everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

this day, 3 years ago

so i slipped. i have just finished watching Titanic on HBO and darn it! much as i hate getting all cheesy and soft, i couldn't help it.

this day marks 3 years since the end of the worst relationship of my life my last break-up and i have not been in any relationship since. call it a lull, or a dry spell or the effects of getting bruised and battered over and over. call it whatever which way you want but it will only boil to one thing and one question alone. when is this lull going to end?

i mean, come on! it's been 3 effin years! what's up with the stall? seriously.

i am in no rush in any way but once in a while (read: after serious exposure to cheesy mush) i tend to bend and get a wee bit affected.

but, i'm calm now. i just needed to vent and now that i have, i shall get back to my normal bitchy self.

Monday, December 22, 2008

the sweetest thing

it is true when they say that the sweetest things come from the most unexpected people at the most unexpected time.

i lost my purse today. i went christmas shopping and completed my list. but as i was about to pay, i found out that my uber favorite purse was gone. in my entire life, this was the first time that it happened and to think i was ever so careful. my money, my cards, i was left with only my bag and my cel phone.

good thing my brother's girlfriend was with me so i was able to go home. shocked and unable to digest what just happened, we left the mall and set aside my shopping cart.

if it were just my money, i would be fine. but my brother asked me to buy his christmas list as well and his money too, was taken. ip called my besties and they were kind enough to help me block my card.

i was sobbing when i reached home and went straignt to my room.

an hour later, my brother came in and greeted me Merry Christmas. shopping bags in hand. he bought everything in my shopping cart. and i couldn't help but cry.

my brother did the sweetest thing. i lost his money and instead of telling me how stupid i was, he went ahead and made me feel better.

to the scumbag who stole my purse, i hope you had a need more than i. merry christmas to you.

ps. deeaye, thanks too for coming to my rescue and for the knock=off purse. oh and yes, alcohol makes everything ok :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

best all girl vacation ever

*click on the image to enlarge
my weekend at Punta de Uian was the best fun i've had in a long time and although the resort is quite far, it was very well worth it.

the beach was clean, the food was great EXCELLENT (see photos on the left), the staff was very efficient (props to Harvey and Jonathan and manong boatman who made sure we got to Capones Island and back safe and in one piece)

the best part probably is the sense of quiet and calm. which, at the end of each drinking session turned into a male bashing discussion hahaha! literature in hand being, "I Used to Miss Him But My Aim is Improving" and "The Bad Girls Guide to Getting What You Want. no, we don't hate men. in fact, we love them. we just didn't like who we had. seriously.

anyway, i had a blast with des and april and we will definitely do it again. soon. really really soon.

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