Monday, June 23, 2008

a break-up is a break-up is a break-up

the American Heritage Dictionary defines it as

"The discontinuance of a relationship, as a marriage or a friendship."

discontinuance, the end. it did not say for now or for the meantime nor was there a timeframe.

a break-up is a break-up. it isn't a cool off nor a time out.

that being said, i don't understand why some people still feel to have claim over an ex. of course it is natural to feel bad, maybe cry a little, when an ex finds someone new, especially when that ex is someone whom you built white picket fence dreams with.

i was never a fan of cool offs and timeouts as i know these become vicious cycles. for me, it's either we make it work or we say goodbye. and when it's goodbye, it meant no turning back. and what i do or he does after, no longer hold any bearing because we are done.

now, having no such bearing doesn't mean that i have to be happy for an ex right away. i am human after all and am entitled to bitch about it for as long as i want. it doesn't mean, however, that i am to sulk and be miserable when he does find happiness. good for him. good luck to her.

one thing i learned is never to feel sorry for myself. i am all i've got and self-pity will not take me anywhere.

so to you my dearest dearest friend. i will not sugar coat, i don't do that. it may sting like shit now but it'll pass. you are a beautiful person inside and out and he can never take that away from you. you are not alone nor will you ever be alone. he's just one man. there's plenty of them out there. you will find yours as he has found his.

Friday, June 20, 2008

lotsa rave over Avenue Q

Atlantis Productionsfrom the time the first note was played, until the last applause have faded, i was in theater heaven. really.

it was everything i hoped and thought it would be and more. the puppets were hilarious and the actors, whose energy never ceased, were simply awesome.

the humor was spot on and with the interjection of social issues such as sex, racism and homosexuality, not to mention full puppet nudity, Avenue Q proved itself worthy of it's Tony.

it is indeed a play like no other.

i loved it enough that after seeing it last night, i wanna go and watch it again. so, i will. this Sunday. for it's final show in Manila, i will be there, laughing my ass off and clapping like there's no tomorrow.

of course, it goes without saying, that i will kidnap monsternap Trekkie Monster after the show!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

reasons why i love coming home early

  • home cooked dinner with my family. fastfood is nice given no other option but i'm sure everyone will agree that home cooked meals are the best. even better if it's my mom's adobo or papa's famous laing
  • bonding time with my mom which meant a marathon of telenovelas. really. no matter how silly and ridiculous local primetime shows are, i try and sit through them with mama, mustering all the effort not to barf at every scene. now, the thought that i'm beginning to like 'dem shows is creeping me out!
  • better sleeping habit. i've been coming home early this week and my sleeping habit has greatly improved. normally, i wouldn't be sleeping til the wee hours but now, i get to sleep before 12MN. hurray hurray for the ex-insomniac!
  • no more tardy me. waking up used to be a drag. seriously. it takes 4 sets of alarms before i get my butt out of bed. now, it only takes two haha! which also meant that i get to work on time. yey! wouldn't want my boss to take back my raise now would i?
  • so there, with a job that goes beyond normal working hours and a social life that goes even beyond those hours, coming home early becomes a treat i savor each and every time.

    Thursday, June 05, 2008

    payback time for the workwhore yey!

    all my hard work has finally come into fruition.

    doing a job that you like is one thing. being recognized for a job well done and reaping it's monetary reward is another.

    it's only been 6 months since i transferred to this fab team and already, my boss saw it fit to give me another reason to smile.

    good things really do come to those who wait.

    if i could do a cartwheel, i would. really.

    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    yet another pu$$y moment

    i didn't go to that thing last Monday. i couldn't get past the possible humiliation, which could be for the rest of my life, had i decided to go with it.

    much to my friend's dismay, i had to bid easy money adieu. as my boss said, if it's against your principle, why say yes? there will be other opportunities.

    call me chicken, call me pussy. at least i didn't bare flabs skin for easy money.

    hala sige ijustfiy pa! hahaha!

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