Wednesday, January 28, 2009

big day for the family

January 27, 2009

...mama and papa celebrated their 35th year wedding anniversary brother's gf turned 25

.....she and my brother got engaged

i couldn't be happier!

a big, big day indeed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

air and simple gifts

arranged by John Williams, Air and Simple Gifts was the perfect accompaniment to Obama's inauguration.

i. loved. it.

for those who missed it, here's a clip:

Monday, January 26, 2009

vanity! vanity!

my usually oily skin didn't stand a chance in dead cold winter. so today, i set an appointment for a derma consult. i just wanted a simple facial or a mask to rejuvinate my skin.

now, did i get that? you bet. well that and more. i also had a chemical peel and a diamond peel on a whim. i was never vain with my skin but today, i didn't think. i just nodded and said ok. do me. hahaha!

i still have two more sessions and i have to take these pills. for 3 months! kamusta naman yun? they better do wonders for my skin!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

my point is...

if you don't intend to listen, don't ask.

if you're not ready to hear the truth, don't ask.

if you think i'll tell you what you want to hear, don't ask.

but you did. several times, you asked. and then you go ahead and do something really stupid. so now i'm pissed.

you can't ask me to be happy for you, not yet. i will do that in my own time.

for now, i'm utterly disappointed to say the least.

yun lang.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

must. bring. bigger. luggage

i have just finished packing and surprise, surprise! i bought too many stuff that my luggage is stuffed. i had to literally sit on it just to zip it.

now, did they all fit? of course not. i have two extra bags excluding my laptop and purse. so tomorrow, imma have to charm my way at the airport. la la la!

my job here is done. i did what i came here to do. there's a chance that i might come back this Feb but that all depends if this other trip doesn't push through.

thank you Korea, you have been nice.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lost soul in seoul

it was bound to happen. i'm never good at directions. ask any of my friends and they'll agree. heck, i can even get lost inside an effin mall for crying out loud.

i woke up late thanks to Obama's inauguration hahaha! by the time i was ready, everybody else have already left that i was forced to fend for myself.

so i walked. and walked. across the streets. into the subway. out of the subway and onto the streets again. only to find out that i exited on the wrong side. surprise surprise!

not only was i late but i had to retrace my steps before i reached the office.

that being said however, i still am proud! i got to work. on foot. in the middle of winter. in Korea. by myself.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

on blessings and simple joys

it's not even the end of the first month of the new year and blessings have come from left and right.

first off, i now own a house. well at least the title is in my name. my aunt sold it to us and immediately transferred the title even if the payment isn't full yet.

then there's this trip here in Korea where i got to taste my very first snowflake. really. i woke up friday to the most beautiful thing i've seen and the walk towards the office was the best walk ever. it was like magic.

next, i got a raise. not even a year in this team and my boss saw it fit to give me a raise. oh and an awesome performance bonus to boot. yeeha!

and then there's this possible trip somewhere far which my boss told me about a couple of days ago. it isn't super sure yet but i am excited.

life is good. even if it throws us back sometimes, it still has a way of makin it all better.

finally i can breathe

today i finally got the server working. yey!

as soon as the last of the test scripts were done and no error was encountered, i had to summon all my will not to jump and scream.

coming here, all i ever hoped was not to disappoint. i hope i didn't.

ps. remember that unexpected good news a few days ago? it might push through after all. another yey!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

all shopped out

everyone who knows me knows how much i hate walking. really. it is not good for the shoes nor is it nice to my feet.
but walk, today, i did. and i mean WALK. all for the love of shopping.

well, street shopping that is. since i got here, i have yet to set foot on a real mall. why bother when all you need are just on the streets? from boots, to bags, to clothes and all the street food you can think of, they're all lined on the sidewalks.

the best part is that these street shops are just a good 10-15 minutes away from where i'm staying. and today, my mission was set - go to every nook and cranny of Insadong Art Street and the famous Myeong-dong night markets.

so i did. for 3 hours, i was walking. in shopping heaven.
minus the throngs of people pushing and shoving, it was fun. and i came back with these.

happiness! no more spending this week. i hope.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

guess what happened today...

of course i HAD to take loads of pictures! too bad it lasted a few hours only.
tonight, the streets have cleared leaving only traces of the snowfall on the sidewalks and rooftops.
still, it was what i needed on an otherwise hell-ish day at work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Korea - Day 2

my first day at work turned out way better than i expected. the people were nice and i was on schedule (uber thanks to dave who i was constantly emailing).

it is still cold and there's a chance to snow in the next couple of days which i don't mind since we're planning to go skiing this weekend. goodluck with that. with my bella-ish clumsiness, i doubt if i can stand straight for 2 minutes hahaha! still, i'm excited. i don't care if i spend most of the time on my butt!

oh, and i bought a pair of tights from this super adorable elderly lady on the street.
that's it for now, i still have to prepare for tomorrow. the local DBA here wants to watch as i work. sort of a training in a way. again, i hope i don't disappoint. wish me luck.

ps. my nose bled just a bit today.

pps. i got an unexpected good news today. it isn't 100% sure yet but still, the thought that i'm being considered was enough for me to do cartwheels (if i knew how)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

greetings from Korea

first off, i'm glad to inform everyone that we landed safe. service of Korean Airlines was super nice. apart from a few restless kids, the flight was uneventful and i was glad to have brought a book.

as the plane descended, i got my very first glimpse of snow capped mountains and the excitement towards my first winter grew. as soon as we went outside Incheon International airport, i got my first taste of the bitter cold which made the walk towards the parking lot seemed to take forever.

we got to Fraser Suites around 7. my room is uber fab. with free internet access which is nice since roaming isn't available. (april!!!!!!!)

we decided to brave the cold and walked the streets of Insadong. a good 5 minutes after, we agreed that it wasn't a very smart move.

it. was. freezing. really.

now i know why people don't like winter hahaha. my ears and toes are thawing as i type.

tomorrow is gonna be all business and my anxiety is increasing by the minute. i still have to review some notes and try not to disappoint the clients.

with that, i leave you with a picture i took after a walk in downtown Seoul.

ps. one thing i like about the cold, perpetual rosy cheeks! hahaha!

off to the land of telenovelas part 3

i just finished packing and for someone who hates it plus the fact that winter clothes are uber hard to pack, i think i did a pretty good job.

tomorrow, i'm off to cold cold Korea where the weather forecast for the next two weeks ranges from -2 to -10.
unlike my previous business trip, i'm as cool as a cucumber with this one. could be because i'm pretty confident this time around? or could it be the fact that it's winter and my excitement over it overpowers any work related anxiety? ok, so now i'm worried. hahahha!

in any case, i'm looking forward to this trip and i'm blocking any pre-mature worries from now on.

Korea, here i come.

PS. please be kind to me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

off to the land of telenovelas part 2

so excited that i bought me a new pair of boots and a spankin trench coat.

oohhh i love winter fashion!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

off to the land of telenovelas

i finally got my visa today. it's official, i'm leaving for Korea next week for a business trip.

i. am. excited.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


hearing this could not have come at a better time. seriously.

"dating is a numbers game. you get out there as much as you can and then see what works. the point is most of the time you will not find the right fit and sometimes it's the last person you think that makes you happy."

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