Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Korea - Day 2

my first day at work turned out way better than i expected. the people were nice and i was on schedule (uber thanks to dave who i was constantly emailing).

it is still cold and there's a chance to snow in the next couple of days which i don't mind since we're planning to go skiing this weekend. goodluck with that. with my bella-ish clumsiness, i doubt if i can stand straight for 2 minutes hahaha! still, i'm excited. i don't care if i spend most of the time on my butt!

oh, and i bought a pair of tights from this super adorable elderly lady on the street.
that's it for now, i still have to prepare for tomorrow. the local DBA here wants to watch as i work. sort of a training in a way. again, i hope i don't disappoint. wish me luck.

ps. my nose bled just a bit today.

pps. i got an unexpected good news today. it isn't 100% sure yet but still, the thought that i'm being considered was enough for me to do cartwheels (if i knew how)

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