Tuesday, January 20, 2009

on blessings and simple joys

it's not even the end of the first month of the new year and blessings have come from left and right.

first off, i now own a house. well at least the title is in my name. my aunt sold it to us and immediately transferred the title even if the payment isn't full yet.

then there's this trip here in Korea where i got to taste my very first snowflake. really. i woke up friday to the most beautiful thing i've seen and the walk towards the office was the best walk ever. it was like magic.

next, i got a raise. not even a year in this team and my boss saw it fit to give me a raise. oh and an awesome performance bonus to boot. yeeha!

and then there's this possible trip somewhere far which my boss told me about a couple of days ago. it isn't super sure yet but i am excited.

life is good. even if it throws us back sometimes, it still has a way of makin it all better.


didi said...

keep the blessings coming for all of us!!!

cheers!! reason to celebrate you know. :)

sushi said...

and we will!

see, our new year dress up night was well worth it.

voodoo girl said...

that's great news! hope there's more in store for you in the coming months :)

sushi said...

thanks kookie :)

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