Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sex and the city 2

if the first one brought us tears and was a little heavy on the heart albeit the happy ending, the sequel will make the sides of your tummy and jaw hurt. it.was.funny! hilarious i must say.

from liza minelli singing Single Ladies to Samantha having hot flashes to abdul the gay butler, SATC2 proved to be the better movie. i loved loved loved it!

oh, and i wouldn't mind watching it again...and again...and again.

i am woman, hear me roar!
Oh yes I am wise.
But it's wisdom born of pain.
Yes, I've paid the price.
But look how much I gained.
If I have to, I can face anything.

I am woman

I am invincible

I am strong

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i've been robbed

well, not really. but it sure does feel like it.

see, i was supposed to go on another assignment, this time in HK.

that was yesterday.

today however, i found out that somebody else is going. the same somebody who asked me to process my visa.

nice. just nice.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

a man called linggam

the office in KL is located at the Technology Park which is a good 30 minute cab ride from the Renaissance in Jalan Ampang. if traffic isn't bad that is.

getting to work was easy since we just get the ones from the hotel. now, getting out of the techno park is another story. cabs are scarce not to mention very expensive. on the first few days we had to walk from the office to the nearest stop for us to get a cab.

until Linggam came along. he was our knight in not so shining revo hahaha! he picked us up every night, rain and traffic notwithstanding. he is a stocky middle eastern guy prolly in his 50s who, at first glance looks a bit scary, but has the biggest heart among the locals i met in KL. fatherly and funny, that's him. making sure we could get to wherever we want safe and sound each night.

on our last night there, he did the sweetest and most unexpected thing...he gave me a purse. a really simple purse that gave me the biggest smile and melted my heart.

if there's one thing i'll miss in KL, it is him.

thanks old man. drive safe and stay safe :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

shopping in KL

i don't wanna give anyone the impression that i hate KL. i don't. circumstances just made staying here a bit challenging and less fun.

besides the food which i obviously love, shopping is cheap. really cheap. yes, compared to Manila, there are lots of fab finds here that are almost half priced.

Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and The Face Shop to name a few, which are ridiculously priced in Manila are almost a bargain here. naturally, i shopped. and shopped and then shop some more. after all the stupid glitches at work, i feel like i deserved earned the right to buy stuff. hahaha! ok ok i'm making excuses! can't help it.

i still have 2 weeks to go and they already don't fit in my luggage! waaa! korea isdatyu?!

so now, i'm trying to stay away from the malls. wish me luck!

Friday, May 07, 2010

17 days down, 13 days to go

i normally don't mind having long assignments. i mean, i totally had fun in Melbourne despite the fact that i was alone for the first couple of weeks.

now that i'm in KL though, i feel like it's taking so long for the project to end. i want to go home. i miss my family, especially miguel who is spending this weekend in boracay.

it doesn't help too that this project sucks big time. i mean, our team here was given the "do you know what you're doing?" treatment since day 1. now, if it really were the case, i'd be big enough to admit that it's true. but it's not. and it sucks! especially when we are all doing our darnest best. kwestyunin ba ang skill sets namin when we are actually ahead of schedule????

next week the team from HK are flying here. time for us to prove them all wrong. and we are all so gonna bring it! ha!

on another note, i think i have gained weight since i got here. the food is great and all we ever do is eat! stress eating isdatyu?

the hotel has a fabulous gym and i plan to go this weekend.

so there, KL is ok. but it's not a place i wanna go back to.

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