Saturday, May 15, 2010

a man called linggam

the office in KL is located at the Technology Park which is a good 30 minute cab ride from the Renaissance in Jalan Ampang. if traffic isn't bad that is.

getting to work was easy since we just get the ones from the hotel. now, getting out of the techno park is another story. cabs are scarce not to mention very expensive. on the first few days we had to walk from the office to the nearest stop for us to get a cab.

until Linggam came along. he was our knight in not so shining revo hahaha! he picked us up every night, rain and traffic notwithstanding. he is a stocky middle eastern guy prolly in his 50s who, at first glance looks a bit scary, but has the biggest heart among the locals i met in KL. fatherly and funny, that's him. making sure we could get to wherever we want safe and sound each night.

on our last night there, he did the sweetest and most unexpected thing...he gave me a purse. a really simple purse that gave me the biggest smile and melted my heart.

if there's one thing i'll miss in KL, it is him.

thanks old man. drive safe and stay safe :)

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