Saturday, May 08, 2010

shopping in KL

i don't wanna give anyone the impression that i hate KL. i don't. circumstances just made staying here a bit challenging and less fun.

besides the food which i obviously love, shopping is cheap. really cheap. yes, compared to Manila, there are lots of fab finds here that are almost half priced.

Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and The Face Shop to name a few, which are ridiculously priced in Manila are almost a bargain here. naturally, i shopped. and shopped and then shop some more. after all the stupid glitches at work, i feel like i deserved earned the right to buy stuff. hahaha! ok ok i'm making excuses! can't help it.

i still have 2 weeks to go and they already don't fit in my luggage! waaa! korea isdatyu?!

so now, i'm trying to stay away from the malls. wish me luck!

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