Thursday, September 30, 2010


as the project here is coming to a close, instead of going back to manila, we opted to just exit KL for a weekend in Singapore.

could've been better if i was able to book a flight to Bangkok and join my bestie!

avril! elusive ang ating out of manila rendezvous anovah!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

back in KL

for another month or so...

we are halfway through the project and i have yet to uncross my fingers since i got back last week hahaha!

this is it! go live for the last applications is drawing near.

so far so good.

Monday, September 06, 2010

i'm letting you go

to swim with the other fishes so i too can swim in a sea without you in it...

thank you.

you asked me tonight if it was brave of me for not taking the chance just coz i know there's no point or that i'm just scared for not wanting to get hurt. i had no answer, at least not to your face.

I'm telling you now. I honestly don't know. all i know is i have to make peace with what is and not hope or think of what it's not.

and this...letting you matter how hard it is is the bravest thing i have done and will do.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

good to be home

so it's day 2 in manila and everything is better than fine.

Day 1 was spent with my family. Well at least for the entire 4hours that i was awake! Hahaha! mama cooked adobo since i requested for it. Since i started getting lo ng out of the country assignments, adobo has been my welcome meal. So even if airline food as yet to be digested, i had to eat. After all, no one cooks adobo like my mom!

my nephew miguel could not get enough of me and i'm not complaining. he now has this eay of looking and smiling at you as if to say uuuyyy ninang is here! And his words! Omg! It's only been a month but his vocabulary has increased tremendously. That plus the fact that he's more pilyo than ever. once i said no and he goes "aba laban na ha!" and the gives me the cutest smile! hahaha!

Today was spent at work. and as expected, i was swamped. But i don't mind. I love what i do! 2 days down. 5 days to go before i leave again.

Oh and the best part is i saw him and i was ok. which is a far cry from where i was a month ago. Snaps for me!

manila, oh how i love thee. You're far from perfect but i am happy to call you my imperfect home :)

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