Friday, February 06, 2009

an open letter to the shuttle guy

i understand that the weather has been crazy the past couple of days. i too understand that you have to go to work even if you're under the weather.

what i don't get is why you chose this morning to cough directly on my nape. continuously. without covering your mouth. and as an encore, burped with all your might as i was about to alight.

now, i might see you again tomorrow (heaven forbid) but just in case you come across this blog, i hope you feel better, drink plenty of water and don't forget to bring your hanky.

love, shuttlemate.


Frodo said...


didi said...

hahahaha!!! natawa naman ako sa concern mo kahit, as Frodo said -- "Ewww".


sushi said...

hahaha! ksi bawal magkasakit!

Bitchina said...


I sweaaaaaaaaaaaar!!! This entry is the funniest!

sushi said...

ay naku if you were at the receiving end of all those eeewwwness, it won't be funny mother! hahahaha!

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