Tuesday, September 20, 2005

what he feels, i feel

i once read of an old couple who were so in love that when the wife died, the husband followed shortly after. it was a love so intense and real that even death did not break them apart.

it was a story that brought tears to my eyes. i longed for something like that and back then, i didn't think i was capable of a love so pure that when the other is hurting, the pain is just as strong for the other.

that was then. today is a different story because now i know i'm capable of such. that indeed something like that happens in real life, among real people.

a lot has happened over the weekend and it took my boyfriend's pain for me to realize how much i have grown to love him. true, they were his issues, his past. but i'm part of his present. something precious was taken away from him and i know how much he aches.

no word could make him feel better so i didn't speak. i just listened. i cried the tears he couldn' cry as i held his hand. and when he needed to be alone, i looked over him from a distance.

i love him. but this weekend made me realize that i love him more than i knew. the story about the old couple was true. if you love someone so bad, you'd feel the same way he does. it's weird but i know it's real.

finally i found what i was looking for. the kind of love that even death could not part. a love that is worth fighting for.

i love you honey....

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