Friday, May 27, 2011

and so my waka waka journey begins

for the next three months Johannesburg, South Africa will be my home.

the hotel is wonderful and the service is GREAT! pro-active staff left and right.

the food, compared to KL, is awesome. no need for inday to do the cooking!

the weather is perfect. it's the beginning of winter and temperature ranges from 3-12degrees. time to bring out my winter wardrobe! woopie!

the people are nice. all of them. from the driver who picked me up to the hotel staff to my colleagues at work. they are all very warm and friendly and welcoming.

Johannesburg is a photographer's dream. the office and hotel are both located in the suburbs so the streets aren't bustling with commuters and traffic.

it's melbourne all over again. the streets, the pace, the buildings, the weather. i love it!
if my first two days here is a promise of the nex 87 days, i'm sure to have a blast.

again, i love my job!!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

happy mother's day!

no, this is not my mom, nor is it a satire for my mom. i sent her flowers and she cried :)

took this picture late this very apt...first coz it's mother's day and second, it's sort of a practice for my trip to south africa hehe!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

wacka wacka it's time for Africa

i was supposed to stay here in KL until the end of May but due to an urgent requirement for another project, i'll be flying back to Manila on Monday to process my visa for South Africa.

yes, wacka wacka it is.

to make things more interesting, himhim will be assigned there as well. and so for the next three months, we shall be together. every single day.

wish me luck.

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