Monday, November 15, 2010

updates since my last post

I'm back in KL, this time, a project for Singapore. the last project for HK was a huge success albeit some issues, most of which are non-work related

I have a new member which makes us a team of 6 now. masipag pa. for how long, i'm not sure hahaha!
performance appraissal is just around the corner so i'm keeping both fingers and toes crossed! a promotion sounds mighty fine :)

Miguel was a scarecrow last halloween. oooohhh and he was the cutest scarecrow ever!


well, he's out my life at least. like way out. we hardly talked since i went back to manila..not even before i left for KL. do i miss him? i'd be lying and a straightass hypocrite if i say i don't.

so yes, i do. but not like before. something just died and he and i were never the same.

i'm gonna be a bridesmaid. again. one in december and the other one in january. lampas 27 dresses na ito!!!! lord, pwede bang tanggalin na ang maid at maging bride naman ako??? hahhaa!

so that's it. KL is gonna be home for the next month. which means, i will be celebrating my bday here and i will be missing Papa's big 75th celebration at home :(

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