Friday, February 29, 2008

3rd party thingies, another bitching

like most people, indescretions and all forms of infidelity will never be good in my book. i've said it before, i don't like it when people who have chosen to be in situations like such, play pitiful victims left with no choice.

that being said, i hate it even more when the same people become all so defensive, acting as if they've done nothing, getting mad at the slightest hint of provocation.

PEOPLE WILL TALK and people will keep talking. it's just how it is. if you can't handle the heat, boohoo. you created your own crap, deal with it.

i will never condone such stupid selfish choices, especially not among friends.

if i am being judgemental, then so be it. this is me making my stand. i've bitten my tongue long enough.

shit happens, most times due to circumstances beyond our control. nevertheless, some shits happen because of crappy choices which could've been nipped in the bud.

you've made your choice. time for you to face the consequences.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

baby bootcamp

bath time we have a baby in the house. no, my sister hasn't given birth yet. she won't be pushing and screaming til July.

for the next 10 days, however, my aunt's adopted daughter, llana is staying with us. she was supposed to go with them to Singapore but they had trouble with some of the papers.

imagine the excitement my mom and dad felt when she arrived. we have a baby in the house! there's a crib, a stroller, a carrier, tons of baby bottles and loads of diapers, bibs and nappies. the house smelled like powder and milk when i came home Friday night and it was awesome.

no, i wasn't sleeping heheshe's one happy baby. the first night, she slept til morning. today she fell asleep while i was holding her and when i sang to her last night, i realized my mommy instincts are there after all. how about that huh?

no, i'm still not sure if i want my own. suffice for me to say that being around the innocent gives me a sense of calmness and peace that not even the most luxurious spa can offer.

whether or not i want to have a baby, one thing is definite. i'm gonna be the best a kickass tita a baby could ever wish for.

Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol 7 on

American Idol: Official FOX Site much as i want to watch every episode of American Idol as they are shown on primetime tv, i can't. my work doesn't allow me to. and while there are several replays in cable, it's just not the same.

that being said, i am ever so happy that i discovered Rickey Yaneza, a New York based pinoy, who, in his website, features videos and audio streams of each performance. hurray! hurray!

now, workin' late on idol nights won't be that bad.

ooppss time to get back to work. ssshhhhh!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


me: so what's your plan this weekend?

guy bestfriend: i'm gonna scout for apartments with the gf. how are you?

me: what the fuck? you guys getting married??

guy bestfriend: talked about it, maybe next year

me: oh, ok. good luck then. with the apartment hunting, that is

end of conversation.

just as i said, what the fuck? they just met and now they're getting married? i have yet to meet the gf since i begged off when he said he was gonna introduce me. i did say i needed time to summon nuff will power to do that and i personally don't think the will power has reached that point. especially not now when there are wedding talks on the way.

i do miss my friend. i know deep down i'm happy for him. but what can i do?

i am but human (haha must i be so dramatic?! argh!). i have yet to recover from the gf news and now this?

what's next? him, asking me to be a bridesmaid??? argh!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

soft as a baby's bottom

i had a fab me time this afternoon. i discovered this quaint spa near my place and i wanna kick my tush for not going there before. the prices are very reasonable and my therapist was uberly good.

i went home relaxed and smelling like apple and strawberry with skin as supple and soft as a baby's bottom. hahaha!

i'm definitely going back.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Idol 7 : Top 24

and then there were 24.

it is obviously a better season and there were a few whom i'm gonna be rooting for. sadly, my earlier fave diva Leo Marlowe didn't make it. neither did cute farmboy Drew Poppelreiter.

i do have my new faves: hottie Michael Johns who blew me away with his take on Queen's Bohemian Raphsody and filipino-american Ramiele Malubay who, once again, makes me oh so proud to be Pinoy

my heart goes out to josiah lemming, who didn't make it. he's one talented boy and for the first time since i started watching the show, i teared up as he made his final walk. i would've loved to see more of him instead of Colton Berry. oh well.

voting starts next week and i can't wait.

to learn more about the contestants, here's a link for Season 7's Top 24

Friday, February 15, 2008

valentine scrooge

i don't do valentines.

never did. never will. not even when i had a boyfriend. i just am not built for that.

friends and family know this fact by heart.

that being said, imagine my reaction when peter pan asked me for a date. or when he greeted me at his sister's party the day before V day. or when he sang me a song on the same party. argh! no, make that major ARGH!

i know he meant well. he's such a sweetheart. but a date? on valentines day? come on!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

wedding hoohahs

i've said it a million times. weddings are not in my list of favorite things. i mean, i'm all for the happily ever after and vows and mush that comes with it but i hate it when the hosts force all the single ladies to gather in front and see who gets to catch the bouquet as if catching it would determine one's own happily ever.

what's even worse is when the host calls out your name and tells you not to be a party pooper and just suck it up. as if saying, sweetie, this may be your last chance at it. duh? seriously, how many of you single ladies out there find it embarassing and stupid? i'm sure a lot have done what i usually do - head for the nearest exit, light a smoke or two or just pretend to be in a deep conversation and not hear your name bein called?

i especially hate it when relatives (and by this i mean those whom i only see at weddings or funerals) ask me when's it gonna be my turn and that my clock has ticked and the ship has sailed. why do they even do that? it's not like they know me or they care. they just ask the most ridiculous questions which usually end up in awkward silences paired with an answer which more often than not isn't exactly what they were hoping i would give them. but do they stop? hell no! they would ask me that every freakin chance they get. or until i finally say, "yeah, i'm married now get lost"

like i said, i'm all for the happily ever after. and i know someday, i'm gonna have mine. i just don't like it when people see me as one who would never do. like i'm some pitiful spinster doomed to be alone forever instead of someone who is just taking her sweet time waiting for that one perfect fit. because that's who i am. that's what i am.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

peter pan is no longer taken

exactly a month after we saw each other, we met again. this time, over dinner and drinks at a friend's house.

long hair does suit him. he's still kinda cute but not as hot as he did at his sister's wedding. maybe i was right. "my attraction" had to do with the barong. or maybe the fact that he HAD a girlfriend then. yes, HAD is the operative word because they broke up shortly after the wedding. when we asked why, he said it was because of me. ha! he was still into me! and considering my reaction the last time, i should be jumpin up and down right?

wrong. seeing him tonight was like seeing an old friend. now that he's single again and back to being his sweet flirty self, there were no more short gasps when he was near. not a single goosebump. nada! for some strange reason, i was drawn to him more when i knew i couldn't have him. what's up with that?!

but i'm not putting a dot on this episode yet as i don't wanna eat my words later on. i have one too many what if's in my life already so imma have to wait and see with this one. if the shoe fits this time, why not?

so that's it for now sweeties. i'm off to bed. who knows, peter pan might just come visit me in my dreams ;)

cheesy! hahaha! this is soooo not me!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

lovin' Josh Verdes

no, he isn't the new man in my life. and no it's not that kind of love either. josh verdes is yet another youtube discovery i made while browsing thru HappySlip's videos.

i first heard of him thru HappySlip's Boypren post and after hearing the first few notes, i had to go and look for it right away.

here he is singin an original song, Save Me:

for more music, do checkout his websites:
official website

Saturday, February 02, 2008

selfish bitch still

yesterday, i was keen on going to this uber cool party. today however, i didn't feel like it. so april called guy bestfriend (imma call him B from now on as i know you'll be reading a lot about him on the next couple of posts) to ask if he wanted to join. he said yes of course but added he might bring someone along. ding ding ding! that was the clincher.

so we ditched the party and went out with another friend instead. food is always better when one is a wee bit sad anyway and since we have yet to check out Greenbelt 5, we opted to have dinner there. italian food was the choice of the night so off we went to Cibo.

here's what we ordered:
patê di fegato - chicken liver pate dip with apple & pear fruit jam served with toast rounds;
Linguine Al Nero Di Seppia - squid ink pasta served with squid, anchovy and capers. this was really good but you might wanna skip this one if you're on a date

patê di fegato crostini Linguine Al Nero Di Seppia

Penne 'il Magnifico - penne pasta with gorgonzola, porcini mushrooms and cream. if you love blue cheese, this is the best pasta for you. i was, however, disappointed that the mushrooms were way too small
Penne All 'Ortolana - grilled vegetables, anchovy, olives and sun-dried tomato with a lil bit of extra virgin olive oil. this one's my favorite. a guilt-free pasta best for vegetarians and chronic diet freaks

Penne 'il Magnifico Penne All 'Ortolana

Prosciutto di Parma - pizza topped with parma ham, mozzarella, stewed potato and arugula leaves. if you like salty, this is the way to go. i personally didn't like this though
Red Grape Shake - this made my day. best grape shake by far. i'd go back if only for this.

Prosciutto di Parma Red Grape Shake

one thing i really loved about Cibo was the service. the waiters were all nice and the orders came faster than we expected. oh and the seats were uber comfy! would've been better though if there were tables outside (read: a place where i can smoke)

after dinner we met up with a few more friends and had a few cocktails at NSG where the blue margarita that i ordered totally sucked. it was way too sweet deng it!

it was a good thing i ditched the party. i was in no mood to dance and get jiggy anyway.

i'm off to bed now sweeties. night night!

Friday, February 01, 2008


Happy Slip Productions
she's hailed as the biggest thing that happened for pinoy vloggers all around and every blogger in manila seems to be drawn to her. her name is Christine Gambito, aka happyslip, a fil-am video blogger (vlogger) who's known for her youtube videos.

my fave pinoy blog sites can't seem to stop talking about how great and funny she is. so to appease my curiosity, i went on and visited her site : Happy Slip

. she's pretty and yes, some of her videos are hilariously funny. i just don't like it when she exaggerates. but then again, it's just me.

on a different light, i think it's cool that she's here in manila to promote tourism and based on an interview i saw, she seems nice.

check out her website and see for yourself.

selfish bitch

that's what i am. or at least that's how i think i am for the way i reacted on the recent development in my guy bestfriend's love life.

after years of being single, he now has a girlfriend, a pretty one at that. i know i SHOULD be happy for him. believe me, i want to. but part of me wants to strangle her pretty hair and poke her chinky eyes. horrible thought huh? i am so going to hell!

it's not that i want him for myself. we've had our time and it didn't work out. but we remained good best friends. you know, the kind where you know you'll come to each other's rescue whenever one finds him/herself in a strife.

it was different when we both had our own relationships to deal with. but since after my last break-up, he was sort of "my guy". he would cater to my every whim and i could bring him to parties anytime i please. we'd watch all the nice movies or get drunk together.

now he has found someone else to do those things with AND IT S-U-C-K-S! of course he doesn't know. hello? i will not dare tell him or he'll laugh his ass off for sure. that or he'd banish me for good.

i'm going to this really cool party tonight and normally, i'd have him in tow. but i didn't invite him because he might ask if i could give invites to his girl as well. oh crap! i'm really going to hell now!

i know eventually, i'd come around. when i've summoned enough will power i will meet her and maybe i will like her. for now, i simply can't.

my guy is now somebody else's guy and i feel shitty about it. bite me!

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