Sunday, February 24, 2008

baby bootcamp

bath time we have a baby in the house. no, my sister hasn't given birth yet. she won't be pushing and screaming til July.

for the next 10 days, however, my aunt's adopted daughter, llana is staying with us. she was supposed to go with them to Singapore but they had trouble with some of the papers.

imagine the excitement my mom and dad felt when she arrived. we have a baby in the house! there's a crib, a stroller, a carrier, tons of baby bottles and loads of diapers, bibs and nappies. the house smelled like powder and milk when i came home Friday night and it was awesome.

no, i wasn't sleeping heheshe's one happy baby. the first night, she slept til morning. today she fell asleep while i was holding her and when i sang to her last night, i realized my mommy instincts are there after all. how about that huh?

no, i'm still not sure if i want my own. suffice for me to say that being around the innocent gives me a sense of calmness and peace that not even the most luxurious spa can offer.

whether or not i want to have a baby, one thing is definite. i'm gonna be the best a kickass tita a baby could ever wish for.

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