Tuesday, February 05, 2008

peter pan is no longer taken

exactly a month after we saw each other, we met again. this time, over dinner and drinks at a friend's house.

long hair does suit him. he's still kinda cute but not as hot as he did at his sister's wedding. maybe i was right. "my attraction" had to do with the barong. or maybe the fact that he HAD a girlfriend then. yes, HAD is the operative word because they broke up shortly after the wedding. when we asked why, he said it was because of me. ha! he was still into me! and considering my reaction the last time, i should be jumpin up and down right?

wrong. seeing him tonight was like seeing an old friend. now that he's single again and back to being his sweet flirty self, there were no more short gasps when he was near. not a single goosebump. nada! for some strange reason, i was drawn to him more when i knew i couldn't have him. what's up with that?!

but i'm not putting a dot on this episode yet as i don't wanna eat my words later on. i have one too many what if's in my life already so imma have to wait and see with this one. if the shoe fits this time, why not?

so that's it for now sweeties. i'm off to bed. who knows, peter pan might just come visit me in my dreams ;)

cheesy! hahaha! this is soooo not me!

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