Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Idol 7 : Top 24

and then there were 24.

it is obviously a better season and there were a few whom i'm gonna be rooting for. sadly, my earlier fave diva Leo Marlowe didn't make it. neither did cute farmboy Drew Poppelreiter.

i do have my new faves: hottie Michael Johns who blew me away with his take on Queen's Bohemian Raphsody and filipino-american Ramiele Malubay who, once again, makes me oh so proud to be Pinoy

my heart goes out to josiah lemming, who didn't make it. he's one talented boy and for the first time since i started watching the show, i teared up as he made his final walk. i would've loved to see more of him instead of Colton Berry. oh well.

voting starts next week and i can't wait.

to learn more about the contestants, here's a link for Season 7's Top 24


amanda said...

I loved Michael Johns. I'm also excited that the Nanny made it.

sushi said...

yupyup...he's such a hottie hahaha!

Frodo said...

The Filipina from Florida rocked big time! WOOOT!!!

Though I find the last girl Carly something really one hot babe... yeah, I have this thing for big women --- so sue me! LOL!

I had my LMFAO when Simon commented that "Night of the Living Dead" critique for that Britney impersonator... but honestly, I find her yummy too.

sushi said...

for some weird reason, i never liked carly.

Frodo said...

Honey, did I ever mentioned about her swimming? :p

Seriously, Malubay's rendition of Carly Simon's song gave me goosebumps. I loved it!!!

Frodo said...

damn grammatical error and wrong choice of word: ...did I ever MENTION about her SINGING?

I need my freaking coffee right now... staying up late so I won't have to hurry up in taking my early flight tomorrow to Singapore.

Nah. Not pleasure.

Friggin work. 5 days max.

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