Saturday, February 09, 2008

wedding hoohahs

i've said it a million times. weddings are not in my list of favorite things. i mean, i'm all for the happily ever after and vows and mush that comes with it but i hate it when the hosts force all the single ladies to gather in front and see who gets to catch the bouquet as if catching it would determine one's own happily ever.

what's even worse is when the host calls out your name and tells you not to be a party pooper and just suck it up. as if saying, sweetie, this may be your last chance at it. duh? seriously, how many of you single ladies out there find it embarassing and stupid? i'm sure a lot have done what i usually do - head for the nearest exit, light a smoke or two or just pretend to be in a deep conversation and not hear your name bein called?

i especially hate it when relatives (and by this i mean those whom i only see at weddings or funerals) ask me when's it gonna be my turn and that my clock has ticked and the ship has sailed. why do they even do that? it's not like they know me or they care. they just ask the most ridiculous questions which usually end up in awkward silences paired with an answer which more often than not isn't exactly what they were hoping i would give them. but do they stop? hell no! they would ask me that every freakin chance they get. or until i finally say, "yeah, i'm married now get lost"

like i said, i'm all for the happily ever after. and i know someday, i'm gonna have mine. i just don't like it when people see me as one who would never do. like i'm some pitiful spinster doomed to be alone forever instead of someone who is just taking her sweet time waiting for that one perfect fit. because that's who i am. that's what i am.


Anonymous said...

Just tell 'em to f*ck off... :D

sushi said...

hahaha maybe next time i will :D

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