Tuesday, January 13, 2009

greetings from Korea

first off, i'm glad to inform everyone that we landed safe. service of Korean Airlines was super nice. apart from a few restless kids, the flight was uneventful and i was glad to have brought a book.

as the plane descended, i got my very first glimpse of snow capped mountains and the excitement towards my first winter grew. as soon as we went outside Incheon International airport, i got my first taste of the bitter cold which made the walk towards the parking lot seemed to take forever.

we got to Fraser Suites around 7. my room is uber fab. with free internet access which is nice since roaming isn't available. (april!!!!!!!)

we decided to brave the cold and walked the streets of Insadong. a good 5 minutes after, we agreed that it wasn't a very smart move.

it. was. freezing. really.

now i know why people don't like winter hahaha. my ears and toes are thawing as i type.

tomorrow is gonna be all business and my anxiety is increasing by the minute. i still have to review some notes and try not to disappoint the clients.

with that, i leave you with a picture i took after a walk in downtown Seoul.

ps. one thing i like about the cold, perpetual rosy cheeks! hahaha!


didi said...

wooohhhh!! rosy cheeks daw. mookup lang yan! haha!!

cute! balot na balot!

i wanna see the rest of your wardrobe and i'll be the judge. haha!!

leche, na-miss ko ang kakulitan mo sa office.. for the first time in 2009, naramdaman ko ang lungkot nung nasa shuttle ako pauwi. thing is, di naman din tayo madalas umuwi ng sabay!! what da...f????

sushi said...

pramis walang blusher yan!!!

haha! sabi sa yo mamimiss mo ko eh :D

didi said...

mamimiss mo din ako kapag nawala na ako sa AIU. :)

sushi said...

oo naman! lalo na if you sell your car to me hahahha!

didi said...

langya!! sige, i'll my corolla when i leave Pinas for good. of course, subject to the decision of the roque clan. :D

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