Sunday, January 18, 2009

all shopped out

everyone who knows me knows how much i hate walking. really. it is not good for the shoes nor is it nice to my feet.
but walk, today, i did. and i mean WALK. all for the love of shopping.

well, street shopping that is. since i got here, i have yet to set foot on a real mall. why bother when all you need are just on the streets? from boots, to bags, to clothes and all the street food you can think of, they're all lined on the sidewalks.

the best part is that these street shops are just a good 10-15 minutes away from where i'm staying. and today, my mission was set - go to every nook and cranny of Insadong Art Street and the famous Myeong-dong night markets.

so i did. for 3 hours, i was walking. in shopping heaven.
minus the throngs of people pushing and shoving, it was fun. and i came back with these.

happiness! no more spending this week. i hope.


didi said...

darling, walking is good for the heart. hehehehe!!

sushi said...

haha the title should've been all walked out!

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