Thursday, March 29, 2007

me, pau and bottomless margaritas

i've always been close to my sister but we had a falling out a couple of years back. she got crazily hooked on her new bike (yes, my sister is a biker chick! with biker friends to boot!) and i got involved in other things that we ended up spending more time with our own circle of friends rather than have our usual weekly rendezvous. and, while we didn't entirely drift apart, i have to admit (as i wrote in a previous entry), that i have missed my lil sister.

being able to touchbase with her is on top of my to-do list for 2007.
a long overdue margarita night to start off our weekly ritual is imperative.

and last night, we did.

in between margaritas, we talked for hours.
our plans. our mishaps in the past. the men in our lives, both present and past. our parents. the house that we bought. the car we're gonna buy this summer. the standing pact of taking care of each other as we grow old, not wanting to be like one of those who end up fighting over money and other trivialities that siblings tend to have.

i spent last night not with my sister, but with a friend and i'm glad we're back.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

after the rain

the rain has stopped
the birds are out
a rainbow beams from a distance

and, though the ground is still wet,
i'm ready to go out and play again

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lesson Learned #2

Anything that is too much is not good and OVERthinking is NOT an exception.
For those who know me, i'm sure it's common knowledge that i tend to think too much. I've always lived by the rule of being not just 1 but 2 steps forward all the time. Firmly believing that no matter how careful one can be, there is always that probability that something bad will come out eventually.
In all my previous relationships, i have been guilty of this. I THINK TOO MUCH! And, while it has saved me a lot of tears and mishaps, there have been some instances where it backfired. Opportunities were lost and the list of my what if's and could've beens started to pile up.
Last night, i did it again! I've been talking to an old friend the past couple of days now and while i'm happy with the fact that after three years, we have once again reconnected, a part of me is a bit wary of seeing him. Being the way i am, i've created a whole bunch of nuisances to think about. Instead of lookin forward to it, I started to stress over stuff like, what if we feel the same way/what if we don't? or what if i feel the same and he doesn't and vice versa? Bottomline, i dreaded seeing him again!
And then I realized, what the hell am i doing pre-empting things and losing sleep over something that may or may not happen? I will have to do things differently this time. We lost each other before because we both thought too much when in fact it was so simple.
So now, imma take my sweet time and see where this goes. Nuff with the drama! I'm goin out with him this weekend and let's see what happens. Be it friendship or beyond, who knows? Either way, i'm just as glad to have him back.
Besides, as Jack Burton aptly put it, "You were not put upon this earth to get it!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Capricciosa Ristorante @ Greenbelt 2

Capricciosa Ristorante, one of the latest addition at Greenbelt 3's wide array of restos proved to be a really nice place for people dining in groups.

The food:
They had the usual antipasti (appetizer), zuppe (soup), insalata (salad), pizze (pizza), spaghetti and gelato. For cheese lovers like me, a must try is their Quattro Formaggio pizza. The combination of 4 cheeses using blue cheese as the base was a very good complement to the soft and semi sweet pizza dough.

The pasta servings were huge but taste was not sacrificed. Nothing fancy with their version of Pesto but their Mushroom Spaghetti was to die for! Noodles were cooked to perfection and the tomato based sauce was infused with a generous portion of cheese. YUMMY!!!!!

The staff/service
We were waited on by Joker and Glyna and they were so nice. Yes, it took a while for our food to arrive but they were nice enough to check on us a few times until orders were served.

The price
It's not as expensive as other Italian restos as the servings were good for 3 or 4 people. However, you have to ask them if you're ordering too much or too little since you may not leave any room left for dessert.

The verdict
Capricciosa is a relatively new place which definitely left room for improvement. My expections were met as far as the quality of food they serve. However, since it is a new place, not a lot of people are familiar with their menu. It would've helped a lot if their menu had more illustrations. Eating is a feast for all senses and then next best thing to actually tasting it is seeing how it's gonna come out.

I'm a sucker for Italian food so I will definitely go back. I have yet to taste their wine so i'm lookin forward to that.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Because I Said So

Because I Said So Official Website
In a desperate attempt te ensure that her youngest daughter doesn't end up like her, Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) decided to search for the perfect man for her.

But when Milly (Mandy Moore) found out that the Jason (Tom Everett Scott) and Johnny (Gabriel Macht) both came out of the personal ad that her mom made, she finally had to say something.

Because I Said So is a story of a mother's love that tries to answer questions like "Where does it begin and where does it end?". It is a film both the young and the old can appreciate. A mix of comedy and romance plus a heavy dose of reality sure make this film worth watching.

And yes, it may help one to understand why moms are the way they are sometimes.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lesson Learned #1

"If you love someone, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by. "

I made the same mistake a couple of years back when i failed to acknowledge what i felt for this guy. His name is Gen - smart, funny and everything else i wanted for in a man. We had that kind of a connection which can never be replaced. One that happens only once in a person's life.

The catch, he had a gf. I waited for him to choose me over her but the time never came so i decided to let him go.

Last week, he called and for the first time, we got to talk about what really happened. What we both discovered came as a surprise, a big one. Turns out, while i was waiting for him to choose me over her, he was waiting for me to make him choose as he was ready to be with me. He thought I didn't feel the same so he kept quiet for fear of losing what we had. When i finally called it quits, all his fears were validated. That to me, it meant nothing. And so, he quietly bowed down.

If only someone said something.

He's back in my life now. For what reason, i have yet to discover

I did miss him. More than anything, i miss the friendship.

"It's time to make new memories," he said. But he still has a gf and the lessons in the past may come in handy this time around. For now, just knowing he's back will suffice.

It's never good to assume so now i'll be taking everything with a grain of salt.

I'm older.
I'm smarter.
I know what i deserve.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

American Idol : 6 - Top 16 Disappointing Results

i'm sure a lot would agree about last night's vote results. heck even Sanjaya Malakar couldn't hide his surprise when his name wasn't called out. it's just too bad America didn't go with what the judges thought of Aj Tabaldo who's performance was better by a mile over the others.

as for the girls, i stand firm to what i previously said about Antonella Barba. i don't like her at all. fine, she can sing but there's somethin about her i'm not diggin. would've loved to see more of Alaina Alexander instead of her.

next week is the last elimination for the final 12. let's just hope that America would realize it is a TALENT show and vote based on that.


Kellie Pickler sure did "grow" a wee bit dontcha think? she's got curves where it matters now hehe! way to go country girl! just try not to look slutty next time. you got the voice sweetie, and ur pretty face need not be covered with such mess-up!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Foxxxy Ladies Night @ TGI Friday's

ladies, if you love margaritas as i do, you have to check out TGI Friday's Foxxxy Ladies Night every Wednesdays.

For just 435Php++, you get a 3-course meal: a choice of 1 appetizer, an entree and a sorbet martini for dessert. The best part? You get free flowing margaritas! woohoooo! It's literally margarita til you drop! Imagine how happy we were!

Their Ultimate Margarita, served in a glass sembling a fishbowl (and i mean fishbowl!), is a dream come true for margarita freaks like moi!

Choose from 3 different flavors :
  • The Ultimate Margarita*, their signature Margarita made with Jose Cuervo Gold, Cointreau and Reynal VSOP.
  • The Candied Orange Margarita, kinda like the classic but served with orange
  • The Mango-Berry Margarita* which a combination of Jose Cuervo Gold, fresh strawberry puree and the sweet flavor of mango or the new Espresso Martini, made with ABSOLUT Vanilla, crème de cacao and Starbuck’s™ Coffee Liqueur.

What are you waiting for? Visit any TGI Friday's all Wednesdays of March and drink til you drop!

Cheers to us foxxxy ladies!

*ingredients were taken from TGI Friday's press releases

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