Saturday, March 03, 2007

American Idol : 6 - Top 16 Disappointing Results

i'm sure a lot would agree about last night's vote results. heck even Sanjaya Malakar couldn't hide his surprise when his name wasn't called out. it's just too bad America didn't go with what the judges thought of Aj Tabaldo who's performance was better by a mile over the others.

as for the girls, i stand firm to what i previously said about Antonella Barba. i don't like her at all. fine, she can sing but there's somethin about her i'm not diggin. would've loved to see more of Alaina Alexander instead of her.

next week is the last elimination for the final 12. let's just hope that America would realize it is a TALENT show and vote based on that.


Kellie Pickler sure did "grow" a wee bit dontcha think? she's got curves where it matters now hehe! way to go country girl! just try not to look slutty next time. you got the voice sweetie, and ur pretty face need not be covered with such mess-up!

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