Tuesday, May 26, 2009

if i hear another careless whisper...

i swear i am so gonna go out of my way and hurt someone. ok, maybe not hurt hurt but for crying out loud!!!! tama naaaaa!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

fab new find : The Reading Room @ Cubao Expo

after months of raving about Cubao Expo, april finally took me there last night. she was in the mood for some artsy fartsy stuff and she needed inspiration to fuel her creative juices.

so off we went to what i later discovered as probably one of the coolest thing in Philippine retail. Cubao Expo's Artists Fair which featured local artists, designers & musicians was one hell of an event. the street was lined with paintings, indie films, shirts, jewelry, all of which uniquely expressed each artist's individual style.

it was crazy. the good kind of crazy and i loved everything about it. the smell, the sight, the sound. it was like UP days all over again, minus the pressure of school and grades. of course, it didn't hurt that you could shop while holding a bottle of beer. cool huh?!

best part of the night was this quaint but chic store called The Reading Room which features products from local designers and artists. from dresses, to jewelry, to bag organizers, umbrellas, dresses, organic products, head massagers, one is sure to find something that is worth buying at a price that will not break your wallet. love love love everything in it and i'm definitely going back.

who knew that a night of uncensored art can be so much fun! i was never an artsy fartsy girl. but last night was a blast. there was a certain something in the air which i bet only happens when artists get together. a sense of freedom and sheer coolness if i may say so.

congrats to the organizers! can't wait for the next one.

Friday, May 22, 2009

i have a secret

LG Secret (KF750)

and i can't wait to tell everyone about it!

i've been wanting to buy a new phone since forever. was even lusting over the white Nokia E71 for months. so when a friend offered to sell me her brand new secret, i jumped right in and bought it.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

sunday confessions: dork yet again

i have a thing. a gift, if i may say so.

you see, i say what i want, when i want, to whomever i want. call it frankness or honesty or sheer guts and ballsy, i could care less. i just am. i'm not one to shy away from saying something that is true. regardless. some have even called me a bitch. do i care? did i care? not the least bit. in fact, if being a bitch meant staying true, than hail to all dem bitches in the world ;)

BUT. yes, there's a but. a huge buge but.

you see, all those talk about frankness and honesty and guts and balls? they don't come when it counts. at least not around guys i like. and i mean, really really like. friends know this about me. the bitch leaves the door every single time i'm with a guy i like. seriously. my mind turns blank. i get tingles which results in involuntary shivers that make my voice crack while i say useless, pathetic, what-was-i-thinking-dorklike comments. argh!

now, i would understand and it would be more acceptable had it happened back in the days. you know, back when i still had a unibrow and i have yet to discover make-up and when my wardrobe staple was a pair of shorts and a tshirt and the new kids on the block was the happening boy band group. but to have it happen again at this stage in my life? wtf????

this. has. got. to. stop!

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