Tuesday, October 30, 2007

crappy mood no more

yes, i have been a bitch the past couple of days and dan had been my sounding board. well, more like a punching bag hehehe. for that, he has earned his first mention in this blog.

just a brief intro, i met dan online a few years back and since then, we have been each other's rant partner.

so to you my friend, maraming salamat. we may fight a lot but i know we both mean well. inuman na!


i met "the bf" this week. he seems nice. he doesn't talk much though. one thing's for sure, my sister looked happy.

imma have to wait and see.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my ears get tired too

i am deeply honored that people come to me to confide or simply rant. i have no problem with that. on the contrary, i love listening.

but there are times when i want to have my turn. i too have my episodes. and when i have them, i want someone who would listen without prejudice. someone who would shut up and hear me out. sadly, the numbers are quite few.

one thing i learned in life is that you can't expect everyone to treat you the way you treat them. those who rant and come to you in times of distress and desperation may not be there for you when you find yourself in the same pithole. it sucks when reality bites.

as in a movie, each plays a role. i just have to accept that mine is the one who listens.

i have this blog anyway. i have you to read and listen.

Monday, October 22, 2007

i'm getting married, please be happy for me

deep down i know i should. she seemed so sure and she said she's happy. but a big part of me was blanketed by sadness when she told me about her plans.

it was too soon. it was unexpected. i wanted to protect her. tell her she could be making the biggest mistake of her life. but i couldn't.

all my life, i've stood by her decisions, be it good or bad. she's a free spirit who does what she wants at all costs. she's had to deal with bad decisions and i didn't love her less.

a friend of mine once said, if there is one thing that a person should be selfish about, it's his/her own happiness. maybe my friend is right. and maybe that is why i won't stop her.

i want to understand, believe me i really do. i wanna share her happiness and be excited for her as every bride should be. but i still can't.

for days, i thought about the way i reacted. trying to find meaning in the way i feel. and every single time, i only arrive at one conclusion. i am the one being selfish. instead of being happy for her, all i could think of was that i was going to lose someone really dear to me to some guy i haven't even met.

it sucks i know. it's just that i wanna make sure she's doing it for the right reasons. when i know that she is, then i can be happy for her.

tell me, am i being a bitch in the one time i hope i'm not?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

partying on josh's concert

josh groban arrived yesterday for his scheduled concert this week.

i won't be able to watch it though as money, obviously, didn't grow on trees. besides, it's my bestfriend's BIG 30 bday bash on the same date and i'm sooo lookin forward to it.

themed Mini Mad Mod 60's, it sure is gonna be one for the books. all guests are to come in 60's fashion so we're all playing dress-up. imma be wearing this really cute 60's mini dress with a mod make-up to match.

and though there's a slim chance that josh will have another concert here in the future, i don't mind. after all, it's not everyday that my bestfriend will turn 30.

Happy Birthday bitchsis!

welcome to the fab world of 30-something women! cheers!

Friday, October 12, 2007

happy sad

pam, a dear friend from my Chinabank days, just got her US VISA yesterday. this is what she's been workin hard for and i couldn't be happier.

among the group, i always knew she would go places. she dreams big, works hard and parties even harder. her nothing-can-stop-me attitude sure paid off as she's bound to leave some time in january.

she will be missed and i too am a bit sad. but i knew it was inevitable. it was just a matter of time. and it has come.

good luck to you pammy dearest. do take with you all the good times and leave the bad. it's time for you to start anew and i'm sure you're gonna do fine.

all my love and prayers are with you always.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the thing about GOOD relationships

is that there is no need to apologize. a simple nod or a hug will suffice and everything will be back to normal.

fights/misunderstandings, no matter how trivial or grave, as in any relationship, is normal. they spice up romance, jolt one to reality or simply stress a shortcoming.

some survive while others do not transcend.

mistakes do happen. and like everything else, how to deal with them is a matter of choice. some choose to forgive albeit not forgetting the lesson learned. some choose to forget and pretend that nothing happened. while others choose to let each mistake pile on top of the other, refusing to rise above it and allowing their relationships to dwindle and fall apart.

your life, your choice.

i choose to be the one that forgives. i have forgiven, i have moved on. and while it's true that the same mistakes are to made again, it doesn't matter.

my life. my choice.

Friday, October 05, 2007

thank heavens for babies

it's amazing how a single picture can change one's mood. even more amazing is the effect that babies have on everyone. in their presence, one can't help but smile.

with their cute lil hands and feet, chubby-pinky cheeks and their oh-so innocent smiles, they exude an aura of peace and simplicity. they live in a world where the biggest problem lies on trying to say a word or taking that very first step. where hugs and kisses make troubles go away. a world free of life's complexities and oftentimes subject to the envy of adults.

i chanced upon a picture of my inaanaks who happen to be twins. emil and emir are now 2 and they are simply adorable. they talk a lot using words only they can understand which makes it all the more fun listening and watching them play.

looking at them sure turned my sour mood to sweet and i can't wait to see them again this november as they turn 3.

a bitching to end the week

i'm mad...oooohhhh i's so friggin mad!

meaning well and giving constructive criticisms is one thing, being a self-righteous obnoxious jackass is another.

i know my faults. i know my shortcomings. no one asked for your advice as i'll go and ask myself if i find the need for one. there are better ways of getting your message across. how you did it (have been doing it) was not one of them.

you're my friend and i love you. just give me this day not to like you. maybe tomorrow we can be normal again. apologize even, for calling you a jackass. just not today.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

hurray! hurray!

and so the countdown begins! Sex and the City : The Movie is scheduled to be released sometime in May 2008.

earlier rumors about Chris Noth aka Mr. Big not being in the cast proved to be wrong and i can't help but give a lil squeal. he is, after all, the main man of the show.

the ladies are back. fiercer and more fabulous than ever. if the movie is anything like the series, i'm sure it's gonna be a hit.

oooohhhh i can't wait!!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

an odd ad

tagged "ANG MAMATAY NG DAHIL SA YO", Nike's ad campaign for Manny Pacquiao gives me both the chills and the creeps.

admittedly, the way it was presented is amazing, awesome even. and to have it weeks before a major fight, the timing was perfect. it was pure genius.

however, i can't help but think that it kinda sends a creepy, bordering on morbid message. but then again, it's just me.

go pacman!

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