Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my ears get tired too

i am deeply honored that people come to me to confide or simply rant. i have no problem with that. on the contrary, i love listening.

but there are times when i want to have my turn. i too have my episodes. and when i have them, i want someone who would listen without prejudice. someone who would shut up and hear me out. sadly, the numbers are quite few.

one thing i learned in life is that you can't expect everyone to treat you the way you treat them. those who rant and come to you in times of distress and desperation may not be there for you when you find yourself in the same pithole. it sucks when reality bites.

as in a movie, each plays a role. i just have to accept that mine is the one who listens.

i have this blog anyway. i have you to read and listen.


Frodo said...

You know you got me to listen, sweetie. Drop me a line. Hope we can hook up and chat over coffee or something. No, I'm not out of the country, and no alcohol please. I'm a good listener when I'm sober. HAHAHAHA!

I just hope that you being down south of the metro and me here up north won't be a problem. What about meeting in U.P. Diliman? UPLB? Harhar!

You'll pull through dearie.

Promise me though, that sometime in the future, when I'm ready, you're there to listen to my version of a sob story.


sushi said...

you're too sweet my hobbit friend.
one of these days, we'll have that coffee...well, coffee for you that is, and vodka for me hehehe!
i'm more fun when i'm drunk :D

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