Friday, October 05, 2007

thank heavens for babies

it's amazing how a single picture can change one's mood. even more amazing is the effect that babies have on everyone. in their presence, one can't help but smile.

with their cute lil hands and feet, chubby-pinky cheeks and their oh-so innocent smiles, they exude an aura of peace and simplicity. they live in a world where the biggest problem lies on trying to say a word or taking that very first step. where hugs and kisses make troubles go away. a world free of life's complexities and oftentimes subject to the envy of adults.

i chanced upon a picture of my inaanaks who happen to be twins. emil and emir are now 2 and they are simply adorable. they talk a lot using words only they can understand which makes it all the more fun listening and watching them play.

looking at them sure turned my sour mood to sweet and i can't wait to see them again this november as they turn 3.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... babies. Now you know why I still love my job. :D

sushi said...

yes sister ;)
i love babies...not sure if i want my own though hehe

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