Tuesday, March 18, 2008

massage beds - bad for me boobies

this post goes out to all you ladies who are fortunate enough not to have the need for breast implants. yes, you know who you are. while it's true that having ample bossoms is indeed something to be happy about, there are times when the cons supercede the pros.

case in point : massages.

i love love love body scrubs and massages for the simple reason that they relax and loosen tense muscles. and they do. most of the time. half of the time. ok, only when i'm on my back. as soon as the therapist asks me to lie face down, the semi-torture begins. i mean, having your boobies pressed towards the bed isn't really fun.

can't they make beds that have like three holes instead of just one? you know, one for the head and the other two for the ladies? just a thought.


Jovan said...


Frodo said...

So glad that I got a pair of XY chromosomes... hardeeharhar!

jacky said...

hahaha...i can relate, though i never thought of it as too much discomfort gems hehe.. :D

sushi said...

@ frodo - well, don't you think it'll be more comfy if there were beds made for guys as well? you know? 3 holes. i for the head and the other 2 for the boys? :D

@ jacky - sweetie, if you like hard massages, it becomes a wee bit uncomfy for the ladies :D

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