Friday, March 07, 2008

American Idol 7 : Top 12

now the real competition begins.

diva-licious Danny Noriega didn't make the final cut. vocally, he isn't the strongest but his antics are really hilarious and very entertaining. i'd choose him over obnoxious Chikezie anytime.

Asia'h Epperson's take on another huge song may not have impressed both the judges and the viewers but i personally didn't think it was that bad. rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer should've been voted off instead.

as for the other two, the results were no-brainer. Britney impersonator Kady Malloy's lack of personality and constant wrong song choices did it for her. she sings Britney better than she does herself anyway. Legolas look-alike Luke Menard finally got the boot. hurray hurray! he just sounds so whiney each time and i couldn't endure another week of his voice. sorry. he's an eye-candy but he sings like a lady.

David Archuleta remains my favorite with Brooke White coming in a far second. i wanna love Ramiele Malubay but for some reason, i can't. not just yet. i know she has that big voice but she has yet to put on a performance that showcases that.

early favorite Michael Johns< who blew me away on Hollywood week seems to be getting worse week after week. i just hope he does better on the weeks to come. wouldn't want to lose another eye-candy now, do we?


PS. what the heck is wrong with Paula Abdul?????? it's painful watching/listening to her go on and on and on and on like a broken CD, skipping one track after another. sheesh!

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