Saturday, March 01, 2008

last night for mommy duties

tomorrow, iana is going home. sad, but true. there won't be a baby when i go home from work. no more baby sounds when i sleep and the house won't be smelling like powder and milk.

things around the house will not be the same.

there will be tears that's for sure. separation anxiety is in the works. not just with me, but with the rest of my family. crap! we will just have to do with frequent visits i guess.

who would've thought that 10 days will be enough for one to fall in love eh?

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Mrs Our Awesome Planet said...

oh...that's sooooo sad! Wish you cold turn back the time huh! Reminds me of the time when I was about to give birth (or so I thought!) , I cried bec I will surely miss my Aidan (and of course, he will too!) and I was worried he might look for me. That was the first time we didn't sleep together.

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