Sunday, March 09, 2008

sunday confessions : radio junkie

when i was in high school, music to me was like butter is to toast. i memorized knew all the new songs and radio station surfing was a staple.

did i stop there? was i contented with just listening? hell no! you see, i was once what you may call a radio junkie. i used to call these radio stations for tickets or requests or contests or just to hear myself on air. best part is, i thought it was cool. even my friends thought so too. hello? who wouldn't? i get to go to concerts and premiers and i get to say hi to all these fab DJs. see, back in the day, if you knew a DJ personally, then you got it. hahaha! well, at least that's how i felt then. like a million bucks.

i'd spend hours talking to these DJs on the phone. and for a high school kid, that was huge. it was like talkin to a celebrity or something.

now, one would think that hours spent on the phone with people who sound really really hot on the radio is enough. yes? well, not for me. there was a time when i'd go to these radio stations just to say hi. ok, maybe flirt a little. i mean, that's what teenagers do right?

some of the best days of my life happened in highschool and i wouldn't trade being a radio junkie for soirees and what nots. it was a phase, i know. but during that shortlived phase, i felt like a highschool rockstar! :D


Shai Coggins said...

Hehe. Sounds so familiar! :-) Nice Sunday confessions. And, BTW, I grew up in Pque! I still have plenty of family there. :-)

sushi said...

thanks! hehehe i know some girls can relate to this :D

really? where in pque?

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