Monday, March 10, 2008

all that a GIRL ever needs

got this from a friend.

"All that a GIRL ever needs is ONE GUY
Who would be man enough to prove that guys aren’t all the same

He may not be PERFECT
May not be the man of steel
He just has to be HONEST
And he needs to be REAL."

so true. so. very. true.

deng it! i shouldn't have watched The Notebook. now i'm all mushy and i hate it! crap!


Cris (without an 'h') said...

all that a GIRL ever needs...
is the same as all that a GUY ever needs!

sushi said...

oh yes darling. hahahaha ;)

Frodo said...

Be careful of what you wish for... you just might get it. :p

sushi said...

nothing wrong with getting this kind of wish dearie ;)

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