Wednesday, March 26, 2008

of puppy loves and childhood crushes

when i was growing up, i remember spending summers with my aunt in Manila. i was around 6 or 7 i guess and my memory of those summers were pretty vague. except for one. my aunt's hubby's youngest brother, uncle C.

he was 16, i think, and i remember him bribing us with treats if my cousin and i would take the afternoon nap to which, we would gladly oblige. he was, after all, my childhood McDreamy.

he left for Canada a few years after and i never saw him again.

tonight, after almost 25 years, i came face to face with him. his dad passed away and he came home to pay his respects. everyone who knew got all excited when i came. they were all saying uncle C is here with grins on their faces. it was hilarious. awkward but nonetheless hilarious.

he looks different. older i guess. i didn't have the chance to really look at him as i felt like a 7 yr old all over again. my childhood crush is here. long before i knew what a crush meant, i had one. really. it was silly and funny but yes, at a tender age of 7, i had my own McDreamy.

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