Saturday, March 22, 2008

pre - Easter blabber

my legs hurt like crazy (walked almost 3 hours for the Good Friday procession - yes, i did my thing for the Holy Week) so i'm thinkin of going back to the spa but then again, i have yet to find the perfect massage bed so i'm holding off for now. hehehe!


D called twice today but i had to beg off both times. my cousins were here so i had to be a gracious hostess. he's been calling on a schedule i noticed. since he started spending weekends with his dad, i've become his weekend mistress minus the perks of course. but then that could be arranged hahahahhaha! (now wipe that grin off your face! i know you're reading this :D)


it's Easter tomorrow. time to go egg hunting! no pun intended.

Happy Easter everyone!

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