Sunday, March 23, 2008

funny conversations with mama - on having a boyfriend

on Good Friday, i made a joke about why i was joining the 3-hour procession. i told everybody i was going because i will pray for a boyfriend.

my mom's face lit up. then she goes and say "sige anak, hingi ka ng isa kay Magdalena. marami naman syang boys eh" (go ahead and ask Mary Magdalene for one. she has lots of boys anyway).

yesterday, when the phone rang (it was D), her face lit up once more and said "sya na ba yung boyfriend?" (is he the boyfriend?)

sweet and hilarious, that's my mom. forever worrying about my lovelife. sometimes, i even think the reason why i don't care so much anymore is because she worries enough for the both of us.


Anonymous said...

Mwahaha... mothers!!!

sushi said...

i know! you gotta love them :D

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