Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol 7 : Top 10

it's over for Overmyer. hurray! hurray! she just ain't my cup of tea and i'm glad rocker nurse got the boot.

here she is one last time, Amanda Overmyer singin Back in the USSR:

as for the rest, sadly, except for Brooke White's Let It Be, there hasn't been one performance that rocked my socks off. they're singing The Beatles for crying out loud. what could possibly go wrong?

hopefully, next week's performances are better. Ramiele better step up her game as she can't get by just being cute.


Shai Coggins said...

Missed the elimination show for this. Now I know who got the boot. :-)

Anonymous said...

greetings from south africa!

reading your blog in the office, its 4:17 pm here and i will be going back to the hotel at around 5:00 pm.

been texting and emailing boyfriend and getting no response whatsover. f---ing whatever!

it's holiday tomorrow and monday next week, which means that i would be couped up in my hotel room for four days. am thinking of going on a day tour but that depends on how much it would cost.

i miss you guys...never thought i would be this lonely. the fact that i could just not go anywhere i want might have contributed to this sadnesss...this safety issue thing has really clipped my style...

anyways, hope everything's well with you guys...have a nice holiday...

see you in three months...can't wait!

Anonymous said...
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sushi said...

aawww...don't be sad. there should be some stuff you CAN do while on vacation. three months ain't that long. we'll see you soon.
mwahhhh from manila :)

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