Wednesday, March 05, 2008

it pays to wait

The Notebook i finally got to watch The Notebook. i know it's been long overdue but what can i do? i loved the book so much that when the movie version was shown, for fear of being disappointed yet again, i refused to watch it. it was the best love story ever told and i didn't want some money hungry movie maker ruin it for me.

last night, however, as i was going through my DVDs, i chanced upon a copy. i figured, since i've read the book ages ago, it will not have that much of an impact if the movie sucked.

so i watched.

and it was beautiful.

by the end of the film, i was sobbing like a baby. really, i was. it has nothing to do with the way the movie was done or how noah and allie's story was presented. it was the story itself and the words that the writers used. it was perfect. even the ending, though completely different from the way Nicholas Sparks ended his book, was perfect.

to the pessimists and jaded, a love like that doesn't exist still, there are those who continue to believe that it does.

i choose to be the latter. it gives me something wonderful to look forward to. that no matter how long it takes me, i'm gonna have my turn again someday.


Frodo said...

Kinda interesting you mentioned that book...

I think it was some time in the late 90's while I was talking to someone on our land phone, I noticed this hard-bound book with its title "The Notebook" staring at me right across my face.

I find it strange that such a book was titled as it is and it certainly pricked my curiosity. Odd really and so I started flickering through the first pages after I used the phone.

I ended up reading page by page and before I realized it, I was hooked on the story, rarely leaving the book idle for so long.

Mind, I'm not the kind of person that really reads romance novels, but gadz... I found myself shedding some tears!!! I said, wtf???!!! I never realized that the book would have some profound effect on me.

Profound because for the first time in my life I ended up crying while reading a book. Weird, man. Totally. I didn't even shed a tear when I read "Message in a Bottle," also by Sparks.

So yeah, sue me for doing so. :p

Har har.

sushi said...

awww the hobbit has a sensitive side hehe!
well unlike you, i'm such a pussy when it comes to really really nice books and movies. hahaha! better a cry baby over fiction than in real life :D

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