Thursday, August 20, 2009


you know, the usual friendly run for a cause thingy that seems to be the buzz all around the metro? well a number of my friends are already into it and have constantly raved about it. i, on the otherhand, am not.

i don't even know how to ride the bike. seriously. i never learned. never wanted to learn. the reason is very simple. i don't like scars. maarte na kung maarte.

last night, a friend showed me photos of him finishing a race. here's how the conversation went:

dan: did you see the pictures?
me: yeah. athletic much?
dan: you should start running too
me: nope, not my thing
dan: try it. it's fun
me: no thank you. besides, it's painful on the boobs!

nuff said.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


my night so far...



Chinese acupressure massage.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

of ASLs and LOLs

back in the day, back when facebook nor friendster has yet to hit the online community, chatting via MIRC was the in/cool thing happening.

online access then was also limited thus, if you're in it, you are sorta part of the elite so to speak. it was a whole new world of fun to say the least. i remember being excited to go home just to check if my online friends are in the room. to say i was an addict is an understatement.

who wouldn't? the thought of striking interesting conversations excited me to the core. it was, in a way, a means a channel to spar with somebody else's wit. and boy there were a lot.

it was fun. until the information highway peaked. suddenly everyone had access. the elite group became the norm. chatrooms got saturated and were overtaken by pervs and what nots.

the once staple asls and lols were replaced by sebs and sops and who knows how many other chat lingos. people started to become less interesting and the chance of finding a decent conversation was as slim as finding a needle in a haystack.

my addiction waned and my interest disappeared. oh, and i grew up and had a job. but that's beside the point.

suffice to say that i have not entered a chatroom for years.

until last night.

for lack of anything to do and my usual inability to sleep at will, i downloaded and installed mirc. it was like riding a bike as they say. once you know how, you won't ever forget. before i knew it, private chats started popping. sadly though, none were worth a single keystroke. the first line counts. a mere asl or hey there! simply wouldn't do the cut.

and then this guy messaged me and said something about my nick to which i replied with a bitchy comment. before i could type again, he strikes back in an even more sarcastic tone. i was pumped. that was what i missed! the exchange of sarcastic, obnoxious banter accompanied by funny witty remarks. i couldn't help but smile the entire time. nothing excites me more than a play on words. a mental foreplay if i may say. sarcasm, wit and charm is such good combination.

this morning he messaged me again, YM this time. i have to admit, it did put a smile on my face.

hmn...i have a funny feeling that i won't be missing facebook anytime soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

if and when you don't know the answer...

DON'T ever pretend that you do. otherwise, you will just look like an effin idiot.

so please, please please! shut the hell up!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

eating my words

so maybe i spoke too soon. and yes, over reacted to the whole Shanghai thing of not having my usual dose of entertainment.

it's day 4 here in Shanghai and it's not as bad as i thought. i'm beginning to appreciate the things and people around me more.

i guess now that the initial shock has subsided, i have started to see this part of Shanghai in a different light. the rain has stopped and the sun came out for the first time today which allowed us to walk around this beautiful man made lake near our office.

the food is exceptionally scrumptuous and does not leave a dent in the wallet. my mom would've loved it here.
as for work, after a series of unforeseen errors on my implementation, i am now back on schedule. if all goes well in tomorrow's agenda, the rest of the week should be a walk in the park but not without fingers crossed.

so there. life here ain't bad after all and i'm almost back in my usual happy bubbly self.

ps. i will post pictures soon. my bathroom has such an awesome character!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bitchings and musings in Shanghai

my hotel is uber nice with a glass walled bathroom to boot. which means i could watch TV while in the tub or in the loo.
--- BUT it is in the middle of nowhere. my view consists of trees and miles of roads and rows and rows of manufacturing plants, semiconductors and the like. the nearest place to eat would require a 15 min cab ride to the nearest train station.

internet is free. which meant i could surf all i want.
--- BUT all the sites i frequent are blocked. no facebook, no multiply, no twitter. i have to connect using a different proxy just to blog. and no, this proxy does not allow facebook and twitter as well
there is cable at the hotel.

--- BUT there's only HBO and CNN.
the people here are sooo nice. --- BUT communicating with them is a long and painful task.
on top of all that, it has been raining since we got here.

ibalik nyo ko sa Pilipinas! now na!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

from nasi goreng to noodles and dimsum

China, here i come.
i'm leaving for Shanghai tomorrow for another project with crazed-up butterflies in my stomach. i learned about this assignment while i was in Jakarta and the panic button has yet been switched off since.
even as i packed my luggage, i still can't shake the jitters off. i should be excited. but i can't. not yet at least. i will be using a platform which i am not too comfortable with. hence the butterflies.
hopefully everything turns out fine. or at least better than what my uber panicked imagination keeps on telling me.
on the upside, i know imma like the food. hahaha!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

when a somebody sends your table a drink....

NEVER assume that it's from some guy who has the hots for you. hahahaahahaha!

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