Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bitchings and musings in Shanghai

my hotel is uber nice with a glass walled bathroom to boot. which means i could watch TV while in the tub or in the loo.
--- BUT it is in the middle of nowhere. my view consists of trees and miles of roads and rows and rows of manufacturing plants, semiconductors and the like. the nearest place to eat would require a 15 min cab ride to the nearest train station.

internet is free. which meant i could surf all i want.
--- BUT all the sites i frequent are blocked. no facebook, no multiply, no twitter. i have to connect using a different proxy just to blog. and no, this proxy does not allow facebook and twitter as well
there is cable at the hotel.

--- BUT there's only HBO and CNN.
the people here are sooo nice. --- BUT communicating with them is a long and painful task.
on top of all that, it has been raining since we got here.

ibalik nyo ko sa Pilipinas! now na!


Anonymous said...

How was shanghai? Loved it there. Trust you had an awesome experience too?

sushi said...

sans the facebook rehab, yes i did like it there. not super like though :D

Anonymous said...

well, you say tomato...

glad you're back in one piece. :)

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