Wednesday, August 12, 2009

eating my words

so maybe i spoke too soon. and yes, over reacted to the whole Shanghai thing of not having my usual dose of entertainment.

it's day 4 here in Shanghai and it's not as bad as i thought. i'm beginning to appreciate the things and people around me more.

i guess now that the initial shock has subsided, i have started to see this part of Shanghai in a different light. the rain has stopped and the sun came out for the first time today which allowed us to walk around this beautiful man made lake near our office.

the food is exceptionally scrumptuous and does not leave a dent in the wallet. my mom would've loved it here.
as for work, after a series of unforeseen errors on my implementation, i am now back on schedule. if all goes well in tomorrow's agenda, the rest of the week should be a walk in the park but not without fingers crossed.

so there. life here ain't bad after all and i'm almost back in my usual happy bubbly self.

ps. i will post pictures soon. my bathroom has such an awesome character!

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