Monday, July 26, 2010


I need to be somewhere far. away from him.
I need time. to pull myself together
I need to be my old self again. to not care and be free
and i need to drink because these needs are driving me mad!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

figured where july went

this little boy turned 2!
and had his first haircut and then, there's....

============= B O R A C A Y ============= 

thanks deeaye for reminding me.
sans a few emo episodes, july was indeed a blast! no wonder it flew by so quickly!

spaced out much?

i was reading a blog i loved and posted a comment. when the comment appeared, the date showed july 24.

i paused for a minute and just as i was about to adjust my pc's date settings, i realized, it REALLY is july 24!

where did july go, i wonder.

Monday, July 19, 2010


the worst part is, he doesn't even know.

in a way, i'm at fault i guess. i should've known better than to trust my insticts.

but then if i am not able to do that, trust whatever my instincts tell me, then what's left?
is it better than the alternative that is cynicism and doubt?

take a chance, leap the leap otherwise you won't know. That's what everybody says.

So i did.

and look where i am now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

flattery or insult?

Icon Bar, 5:00AM
I was with des, standing by the bar dancing to our heart's content. Adam was in the washroom. A foreigner pops in front of me, extends his hand and says hi.
Foreign guy : Hi! I'm Jayson. You are?
Me : (10 second pause) Hi! I'm Michelle.
Foreign guy : (doesn't let go of my hand and leans even closer) How are you?
Me : I'm good.
Foreign guy : wanna dance?
Me : nah, i'm tired. Thanks!
Foreign guy : Wanna go to my place?
Me : Uh, No.
Foreign guy : So, wanna go to your place then?
Me : (giving him a pat on the shoulder) Nope, try someone else

A few minutes later, as des and i were walking towards the washroom, same guy approached me and goes:

Foreign guy : Hi.
Me : You already said hi to me earlier
Foreign guy : I know, so are we going to your place?

i upped and left before he can say anything else.
flattery or insult? take your pick.

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